Zooey Deschanel Takes a ‘Know It or Grow It’ Approach When Feeding Her Kids

Zooey Deschanel and husband Jacob Pechenik are organisation believers that a biggest resources is health, and they’re dishing on a significance of “know it or grow it” in their new educational series “Your Food’s Roots with Zooey Deschanel.”

When Deschanel got profound with their initial child, Elsie Otter, 2, a span began to investigate either or not a food they had been immoderate all of these years would “the best thing for a child’s brain.”

“When we started looking into where a food was entrance from, we all of a remarkable starting saying all this opaqueness – there were all these walls to anticipating out where your food came from, yet that is a partial of how we socialize, how we correlate with a peers,” Deschanel told PEOPLE about how being a mom has altered a approach she sees food.

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“There are a certain volume of restaurants that tell we that plantation your food came from, yet many places don’t know, and a lot of places can’t tell we where your beef or duck comes from,” she continues. “We started realizing that wall was creation it difficult, yet we were extraordinary and slight recurrent and even we were carrying difficulty anticipating out.”

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The 5-episode strange array — which is a collaboration between a health unwavering couple’s new beginning The Farm Project and ATTN: — will concentration on reconnecting people with a food they consume, where it comes from, and how it affects a physique as a whole, as good as educating viewers on a advantages of a tolerable lifestyle.

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“The some-more we eat internal produce, a some-more fruit and vegetables we eat, a improved we feel and a healthier we are, that creates it easier to stay fit and also a improved it tastes,” says the New Girl actress.  There was usually like 4 percent of tolerable food prolongation and a other 96 percent was industrialized, and that was only a large startle to us.”

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In any episode, Deschanel will talk experts and bland people about a origins of a food and a damaging prolongation routine behind it, radically enlivening viewers to turn “knowers” and “growers.”

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“We have an organic plantation in Texas that grows a lot of stuff, yet during a residence we grow shaggy greens and lettuces, opposite herbs, tomatoes, squash, zucchini,” she says about a garden they have flourishing on a skill of their possess home in Los Angeles. “When we grow your possess food, it’s sparkling and your kids get excited.”

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And while kids tend to suffer food that comes from a box rather than a earth, Deschanel creates certain to chuck a fun spin on eating healthy by permitting her daughter to take a margin outing to a backyard to handpick her food from a belligerent any time it’s time for a meal.

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“Our daughter competence not eat a square of broccoli if we move it to her on a plate, yet if she gets to collect it herself she gets so vehement and wants it!” Says Deschanel. “And afterwards she wants to try all – a arugula, a herbs.”

In fact, Elsie Otter has turn so spooky with her shaggy greens that Deschanel and Pechenik mostly have to hid a salad from her since certain kinds of lettuce have a bent to get stranded in childrens’ throats.

“She can eat romaine, so I’ve only started creation some-more romaine lettuces, and a arugula only has to be chopped adult unequivocally small,” says Deschanel.

“Your Food’s Roots with Zooey Deschanel” premieres on Facebook Watch on Nov 7.