Zero: Katrina Kaif explores her photography talent on set, SRK and Aanand L Rai turn her subject

zero stars shah rukh khan, katrina kaif, anushka sharmazero stars shah rukh khan, katrina kaif, anushka sharma Katrina Kaif common a integrate of cinema from a sets of Zero, on her Instagram.

It seems like Katrina Kaif is on a debauch to try her photography talent these days. The actor, who is one of a many followed heading ladies in B-town, has never unsuccessful to mesmerize her supporters with selfies though now, it is her Zero co-star Shah Rukh Khan who has turn her subject. In fact, a actor has strictly announced Katrina as her media manager. Now, Anand L Rai seems to have got tender of her appetite on-sets. He posted a design with a lady on Twitter and wrote, “With joyous and sexual #KatrinaKaif on a shoot.Thank we for bringing so most of ease, fun and adore on a sets. Stay sanctified stay happy.”

We all know how Shah Rukh is also lustful of selfies and is perplexing to make himself improved during a art. Katrina is creation certain that her crony and co-star gets a best cinema as prolonged as a dual are operative together. In one of a photos, SRK mentioned, “When a association is sooo scintillating sparkling that u can’t keep ur eyes open! Serves them right for job me to early morning shoots for #Zero ( Pic courtesy: @katrinakaif my media manager )”

He had posted a dim design while on a approach to a sets of Aanand L Rai directorial, that was disapproved by Katrina and hence, she done him post another splendid picture, clicked by her. While pity a still, SRK wrote, “My media manager strikes again!! @katrinakaif intensely uneasy with my final dim selfie took it on herself to redress my photography game. Here is a representation of her extraordinary adore for holding pics gripping us all so entertained on a sets.”

While Katrina has been gripping bustling in interesting her co-stars and exploring her possess skills, a actor does not forget to keep her fans updated. She had posted a design of hers from a sets where she looked like a bride. However, a actor did not hold any sum on it.

Zero is an arriving 2018 Indian regretful play film destined by Aanand L. Rai. The film also stars Anushka Sharma in a lead role.

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