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Egg Hacks You Can Use for Any Meal

When it comes to breakfast, zero utterly screams a ideal morning dish like pancakes with syrup, a integrate pieces of toast and a best partial (of course) — eggs! Something about a tasty image of ideally baked eggs gets us eggceptionally vehement for a rest of a day. If we agree, afterwards we know that there are probably so many ways to prepare these breakfast favorites.

But either we like your eggs poached or scrambled, there’s zero like a good food penetrate to take your eggs to a whole other level. So, if you’re used to required methods of cooking, listen closely — since these mind-blowing egg hacks are severely going to change your life.

1) Fry eggs in onion rings.
They spin into perfectly round boiled eggs for a tantalizing sandwich.

2) Instead of bark hard-boiled eggs, cut them!

3) Make hard-boiled eggs in a oven.

4) Make hard-boiled scrambled eggs
All we need is a t-shirt, a few rubber bands and eggs (of course).

5) Make omelets in a waffle iron (Try this one. It’s a best-selling waffle iron on Amazon.)

6) Separate yolks with a H2O bottle for egg whites.

7) Bake eggs in muffin tins for a whole crew

8) Make mixed omelets during once in plastic bags.

9) Use a poaching bag.
They’re cheap and disposable. Simmer your egg in a bag for a tantalizing poach.

10) Microwave an egg in a ramekin.
Say hello to a super easy breakfast!

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