YouTubers cursed for jumping from driverless sight during London’s Canary Wharf

Two YouTubers who jumped off a sight during a hire in easterly London have been cursed by British Transport Police.

Rikke Brewer leapt from a tip of a Docklands Light Railway carriage after withdrawal Heron Quays in Canary Wharf.

The video shows Rikke and a crony climbing on tip of a driverless sight before jumping into a wharf in front of diners during a Café Rouge restaurant.

British Transport Police (BTP) says it’s non-stop an review and called a attempt “reckless and illegal”.

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In a matter sent to Newsbeat, Superintendent Chris Casey said: “We totally reject a dangerous actions of these dual boys. They risked their lives and a lives of others for a consequence of a YouTube video.

“Our officers have gifted first-hand a extinction that families are left with when a desired one is killed or severely harmed on a railway.

“Behaviour such as this is not value a risk.

Rikke and a crony jumped into Middle Dock during London's Canary Wharf

“We are now in a routine of creation enquiries per this video and a bootleg actions of a dual people who supposed ‘train surfed’ on tip of a DLR train.

“We would ask that anyone who has any information contacts us by promulgation a content to 61016 or by job 0800 40 50 40 quoting anxiety 227 of 06/09/2017.”

Rikke and a crony jumped into Middle Dock during London's Canary Wharf

British Transport Police officers are shown chasing a span afterwards, who shun into a circuitously selling centre after pulling themselves out of a water.

The chairman filming a attempt can be listened revelation Rikke to precipitate adult and run.

An hour after they’re shown behind inside a sight carriage.

Rikke Brewer

“OK guys,” he says. “I wish we enjoyed that. we would not advise anyone else to duplicate what we do. Stay protected out there guys.

“That was insane. Hope we guys desired it. Peace out.”

Rikke Brewer has formerly filmed himself climbing a Blackpool Tower and Twickenham rugby kinship stadium, in south-west London.

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