YouTube star Jake Paul ‘sued by plant of automobile horn prank’

YouTuber Jake Paul is reportedly being sued by a male who claims a antic shop-worn his conference and left him in “emotional distress”.

In Jul this year, Jake posted a video on his YouTube channel display him and his friends pushing around Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old amicable media star beeped an additional shrill horn on his automobile during strangers and filmed their reactions.

But one plant of a attempt says it’s finished adult deleterious his hearing, reports US website TMZ.

It reports a male was withdrawal a store in West Hollywood when he was targeted by Jake and his friends.

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TMZ also says that a male who filed a lawsuit is seen in Jake’s video, that has been watched some-more than 7m times – though it is not transparent that chairman he is.

“I’ve only had my lorry pimped out, it’s got this new horn that blasts people’s faces off,” Jake says in a video.

“Let’s shock some people.”

Jake and his friends afterwards honk a horn during people channel a road, watchful during a train stop and holding selfies – mostly targeting groups of immature girls.

(Warning: Third celebration videos might enclose adverts)

Jake Paul

Earlier this year Jake left Disney’s Bizaardvark uncover in a preference a association pronounced was “mutual”.

His depart came shortly after complaints were done by his LA neighbours, who indicted a star of branch their travel into “a warzone” with parties and pranks.

He has 11m supporters on YouTube and his videos frequently attract millions of views.

Newsbeat has reached out to Jake’s deputy for a comment.

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