WWE Talking Smack Recap (6/6): Lana On Being A "Ravishing" Champion, AJ Styles Talks MITB Strategy

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Renee Young and Shane McMahon welcomes us as they get right into Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, and Baron Corbin. Renee talks about how Corbin has been holding out guys left and right, many recently, Nakamura to finish tonight’s SmackDown. Shane feels that Corbin is in a categorical eventuality mark these days.

Mojo Rawley joins a show.

Mojo sits down as Shane was articulate about Corbin and interjection Shane for a opportunity. Mojo is asked about his compare tonight and how he feels about how things went opposite a WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. He says he didn’t get a pursuit done, though he’ll refocus, and get behind to a sketch board. Mojo says hats off to Jinder and that he’s a opposite male now compared to his prior compare opposite a champ. He continues that he won’t doubt himself and isn’t going to remove his “Mojo,” though he knows that he will only get behind to a gym and investigate a tape, so he’s prepared for a subsequent chance. Shane shakes Mojo’s palm and observant how Mojo only described his genius was impressive. Rawley talks about how one detriment isn’t going to finish him and he’ll step behind up, it’s what he’s all about. He says he’s indignant about a loss, though will keep his conduct up, he shakes Shane’s palm again and heads off.

Renee and Shane switch adult to speak about New Day and The Colons. Renee feels a tab multiplication is implausible with a stream talent pool. Renee also mentions that Shane was on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast recently.

Lana joins a show.

Lana says she’s really vehement and happy for a event and tells Naomi be clever what we wish for, she is going to waylay Naomi bald and waylay her title. She talks about creation story by debuting and winning a pretension during a same time. Renee asks about what preparations Lana has finished to keep adult with Naomi’s athleticism. Lana admits she is a tiny shaken about Naomi’s talents, though she has been training and has brought in a best coaches to assistance with that. She says she’ll pierce things to new heights and that Naomi has not faced someone like her yet. Renee asks about if Lana will pierce her divergent plan into a compare like tonight, when she tripped Naomi during tonight’s match. Shane reiterates that Lana doesn’t merit a pretension shot, though it’s since Naomi asked for a match. Lana says Shane is genuine and this is a land of opportunity, she has come from a tiny pitiable city and has done it this distant notwithstanding a doubters. Lana proclaims she will be a initial ravishing Women’s Champion ever and pierce it to new heights and is vehement for both Shane and Renee for when this happens.

Lana exits as Renee and Shane continue to speak about since Shane gave her a pretension match. Shane and Renee fun about how Shane “shushed” Renee final week. They switch to a Women’s MITB compare and if a leader of that could potentially face Lana. They speak about a Fashion Files, Renee brings adult a male romper that Tyler Breeze was wearing. She asks Shane if he’s ever wore one, that he didn’t seem to be too large about.

AJ Styles joins a show.

AJ says if Shane wears a male romper, they are behind to block one. Renee asks AJ about removing his win behind tonight opposite Dolph Ziggler. Styles was happy and a finale was flattering sweet. They pierce to a MITB Match and Styles talks about how he has to understanding with 5 guys in a ring and stand a ladder discerning adequate to squeeze a briefcase. Styles wasn’t tender with Corbin’s inexpensive shot tactics, he says anybody can do that! He says he’s not disturbed about Corbin as prolonged as he keeps his eyes open and keeps Corbin during a distance. Shane talks about how ring recognition is indispensable to tarry a compare like that. Styles continues on how formidable a compare is – Shane agrees – observant it’s even some-more dangerous than only a Ladder Match. Renee asks what it feels like to be strike by a ladder and Styles elementary says it sucks.

Styles says he’s many disturbed about Ziggler, since he’s indeed won this match, and he wants to figure out what Ziggler did to win it. Shane and AJ speak about plan and perplexing to figure out who other guys might concentration on, and how to take advantage of those situations. Renee asks when AJ would money it in, if he won. Styles pronounced it would count on how he felt after a compare and it’s about cashing it during a right time, that’s a many critical thing. Renee plugs Money in a Bank and afterwards interjection Styles for entrance on a show. Styles asks what’s in their coffee mugs as Renee interjection everybody for examination a show, and we’re out!

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