WWE Talking Smack Live Coverage: John Cena, The Usos, And Sami Zayn Join

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Renee Young and Shane McMahon acquire us to tonight’s uncover and burst right into Shane’s tan and he says he got it from surfing. They preview a arriving a Punjabi Prison Championship compare for a moment.

The Usos join a show.

Shane gave props for final week’s swat battle. Renee and Shane suspicion they won, notwithstanding a argumentative DQ. They switch to tonight’s compare and The Usos contend New Day cheats since it’s always 3 on 2. Shane says they can’t overcome a numbers game? Jey says they’ve been overcoming things their whole career and they are on glow out in a ring. Renee wants some-more swat battles, Usos are excellent with that. Renee and Shane start seeking uncanny questions that The Usos have to event through. Shane asks what their shirts mean. Renee mentions Jimmy’s marriage ring and how good it is and asks what they consider about Naomi as champion. Jey says she has a multiplication on close and is digging a intense title. Usos conduct out!

Shane and Renee talks about Corbin and Nakamura’s quarrel from progressing tonight. Shane says Nakamura has to be watch for Corbin’s power, and he needs to use his indeterminate angles to quarrel him off.

Sami Zayn joins a show.

Sami comes on a uncover with an ice pack, they ask how he’s feeling after holding a vase to a behind of a head. He says he still doesn’t feel good and is a small prohibited from removing attacked. Shane unintentionally bothers Zayn, indicating out that Maria got a good zinger in after a attack. He attempted to explain his actions and he wasn’t perplexing to miscarry their adore fest from dual weeks ago. WWE shows footage from final week when Zayn knocked over some things and again interrupting Mike and Maria Kanellis. Zayn says it’s good that they are in love, though he’s perplexing to do his thing, as well. Zayn says he’s going to “Love” whooping Mike’s donkey after tonight’s attack. Renee asks about Mike’s name, Zayn says he doesn’t caring about any of that, it’s some-more about them entrance after him continuously. Zayn heads out!

Renee previews a Women’s 5-Way Elimination Match with a leader holding on SmackDown Women’s Champion, Naomi.

John Cena joins a show.

Cena says he’s blissful to behind and they speak about him being really bustling as of late. Topic switches to a Flag Match, Cena talks about it and how we have to squeeze your dwindle and call it around to win a match. Cena mentions how there’s some vigour on him to get to his dwindle and win a compare and if he doesn’t, he should substantially get out of town. Cena doesn’t wish to a a U.S. down. Renee brings adult a “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks!” chants and Cena acted like he had no thought what a throng was observant this whole time. Cena starts creation faces as Renee tries to ask questions, though she only cracks adult laughing. Cena says he’s happy to be back, though he’s also blissful to take outward opportunities since it reflects good on a association and creates WWE that most bigger. Cena talks about how he flew in final night from Sydney, Australia to be on tonight’s show. He says he’s vehement with what’s on a horizon, though his heart and family is always in a WWE. Cena gives a super critical promo about not losing during Battleground, unexpected needs something to drink, and does a separate take. Says there’s something a small vehement in Shane’s mug, Shane says there’s not, Cena goes invisible (exits a show), and we’re out!

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