WWE On The Punjabi Prison Match Returning, David Otunga Talks Project With Son, Asuka, Hideo Itami

– Above is video of WWE announcer David Otunga articulate to TMZ Sports about a brief film he combined with his son for Father’s Day progressing this month. You can watch a movement crack here on a site at this link. Otunga reveals that they put his son, David Jr., by training and quarrel choreography for a project. Otunga says he’s perceived offers from producers wanting to make a plan into a full-length film. As noted, Otunga also talked to TMZ this week and called on WWE trainer Vince McMahon to book him in a compare with LaVar Ball. You can see that video at this link.

– Hideo Itami and WWE NXT Women’s Champion Asuka are now on a highway with a RAW code for a discerning general tour. Itami degraded Chris Jericho during today’s live eventuality in Singapore while Asuka teamed with Sasha Banks and Bayley for a win over Emma, Nia Jax and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. They will work shows on Friday and Saturday in Tokyo, Japan before returning to a United States on Sunday.

– As noted, a third Punjabi Prison compare in WWE story will take place during a Jul 23rd Battleground pay-per-view with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal fortifying opposite Randy Orton. WWE posted a following on a match, going over a story and confirming a rules:

What is a Punjabi Prison Match?

The Punjabi Prison Match, a comparatively problematic compare chapter — there have usually been dual in WWE history, and a final was 10 years ago — creates a quip during WWE Battleground as a site for Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton’s WWE Championship clash. The complicated WWE Universe is substantially usually informed with a hitch as a oddity coined by The Great Khali, yet that doesn’t wholly do probity to a intricacies of a stipulation, or usually how heartless a compare itself unequivocally is.

For starters, while matches like a Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell or even a Elimination Chamber typically trap a Superstar within one enclave, a Punjabi Prison surrounds them with two: First, there are 4 walls of bamboo that immediately approximate a ring in a conform of a normal cage. Outside of that stands another, larger, octagonal structure, surfaced with a array of razor-sharp bamboo spikes.

To win, a Superstar contingency shun both cages, a awaiting that is distant easier pronounced than done. The interior structure contains 4 doors, all of that are attended by a referee. When a Superstar calls for a doorway to be opened, they have one notation to travel by it and into a outdoor structure. If they don’t make it by in time, a doorway is close and sealed for good. If a Superstar fails to make it by all 4 of a doors in a allotted time, they contingency stand out of a middle structure. It creates for good practice, as a usually approach to shun a outdoor ring is to stand adult and over it. The initial Superstar whose feet hold a belligerent wins a match. That means a Superstar can't grasp feat inside a Punjabi Prison by something as typical as a pinfall or a submission, yet contingency quarrel his approach out.

So, that’s what Randy Orton is removing himself into during WWE Battleground. And even yet The Viper has never once shied divided from a chapter he knows small about, this one is going to be formidable even by his standards. Jinder Mahal clearly did his research, or he wouldn’t have selected a compare in a initial place. Furthermore, it provides him with a tie to a homeland he has proudly represented via his run to a WWE Title. Plus, he has The Singh Brothers during his side and a No Disqualification sourroundings in that to implement them. Randy Orton loves a compare though rules, yet a three-on-one conditions is a high sequence even for a 13-time World Champion.

There we have it. That’s a Punjabi Prison. And on Sunday, Jul 23, we will see that Superstar is truly dauntless adequate to tarry this many harrowing of battlegrounds.

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