WWE Money In The Bank: Men’s Ladder Match

– We get a video package for tonight’s categorical event.

MITB Ladder Match: AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens

We go to a ring and out initial comes AJ Styles for tonight’s categorical event. Dolph Ziggler is out subsequent followed by Sami Zayn. WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens is out next. Shinsuke Nakamura comes out subsequent though Baron Corbin attacks him from behind during a entrance.

Corbin grabs a ladder and nails Nakamura with it. Corbin keeps adult a attack on Nakamura as referees come to mangle it up. They check on Nakamura as Corbin heads to a ring. Trainers are also out to check on Nakamura. Corbin wants a bell rang now. The bell rings and 5 of a 6 Superstars go during it. Corbin tosses Owens to a floor. Sami and AJ also transparent a ring and go during it with Corbin. Sami goes out to work over Ziggler. Owens nails Sami and sends Ziggler into a ladder. Owens and Sami trade shots on a floor. Owens drops Ziggler as fans intone for Nakamura. Sami sends a ladder into Owens’ face. Corbin sends Sami into a barrier. AJ rocks Ziggler. We see trainers assisting Nakamura to a back.

Ziggler drops AJ during ringside. Sami slams Owens’ face into a apron a few times. Sami runs a ropes and nails a large dive to Owens on a floor. Corbin and Ziggler use a ladder to double group AJ on a floor. Corbin decks Ziggler. Corbin slides a ladder into a ring though Ziggler superkicks him to a floor. Ziggler comes in with a ladder though Sami knocks him behind to a floor. Sami goes to position a ladder though Owens pulls it to a floor. Sami runs out and clotheslines Owens on a floor. Sami brings another ladder in though AJ comes from behind and decks him. AJ tosses Sami to a floor. AJ brings a ladder in though Ziggler stops him. AJ blocks a ladder shot and rams Ziggler behind into a ladder during a announce tables. Ziggler runs adult a ladder and blocks AJ from nailing a Phenomenal Forearm to a floor. Corbin catches Ziggler in a Deep Six on a floor.

Sami uses a tip to moonsault onto Corbin on a floor. Sami clutches his knee. Owens superkicks AJ in a ring and works him over. Owens talks rabble to some boos. Owens grabs a ladder and rams it into AJ. Sami also takes a ladder shot from Owens. Owens knocks Corbin and Ziggler off a apron with a ladder. Owens stands high and raises a ladder though AJ drops him into it. AJ and Owens trade shots in a center of a ring now. AJ goes for a Styles Clash though Owens resists. Owens back-drops Styles over a tip to a floor. Owens looks adult during a briefcase and grabs a ladder.

Owens opens a ladder though Sami runs in and stops him. Owens gets knocked to a apron though hangs on. Owens goes to a tip for a dive on a others though Sami cuts him off. Sami launches Owens from a tip onto a ladder in a ring. Sami stands a same ladder adult though it’s damaged due to Owens. Sami dumps that ladder and brings another into a ring. Sami looks to stand though Ziggler runs in and stops him. Ziggler lays a ladder in a dilemma and tosses Sami onto it. Ziggler climbs adult though Sami pulls him down. Sami runs adult a ladder though Ziggler superkicks him to a mat. Sami catches another flog and drops Ziggler with a Blue Thunderbomb. Sami climbs a ladder though Corbin comes from behind. Corbin slams Sami’s face into a rungs of a ladder and he goes to a mat. Sami charges though gets a face full of ladder. AJ with kicks to Corbin now. AJ with a low forearm.

Fans intone for AJ as he positions a ladder and climbs up. Corbin climbs a other side and they trade shots during a top. AJ with a headbutt and a right hand, and another to hit Corbin down. Ziggler climbs adult Corbin’s behind and meets AJ during a top. AJ gets knocked to a pad from adult high. Ziggler grabs a briefcase though gets knocked down by Corbin. Corbin climbs adult though Ziggler leaps and nails a Zig Zag. Ziggler climbs adult though AJ stops him. Sami climbs a other side. AJ, Sami and Ziggler are all adult tip now. AJ gets double teamed and knocked to a mat. Sami and Ziggler trade shots now. Sami unloads and looks during a briefcase though changes his mind. Sami hits a large nightfall flip powerbomb from a tip of a ladder instead. Ziggler rolls to a building as fans intone “holy s–t” and we get a replay.

Owens pulls Sami out and goes for a powerbomb on a apron though Sami avoids it. They trade shots on a apron now. Sami with a large foot as a “ole!” chants start up. Sami with a full nelson suplex on a apron, promulgation Owens drifting to a floor. Sami struggles to get over to a ladder that’s still standing. Sami climbs adult as a chants continue. AJ leaps in out of nowhere with a Phenomenal Forearm, knocking a ladder over with Sami. Corbin brings AJ out and sends him over a announce table. Styles ends adult leaping out during Corbin though he gets caught. Corbin chokeslams Styles onto a ladder that’s bridged from a steel stairs to a announce table. Sami with a Helluva Kick to Corbin int he corner. Everyone is down though Sami now. Sami positions a ladder and climbs for a briefcase.

Ziggler runs in and grabs Sami’s foot though Sami kicks him away. Sami gets his fingers on a box though Owens runs in and stops him. Owens with a low blow. Owens climbs a ladder and grabs a briefcase though Styles grabs his leg. Styles pulls Owens down though Owens rocks him. Owens dumps AJ to a apron and drops him. Owens grabs AJ and tries to powerbomb him from a apron to a bridged ladder though AJ fights it off. AJ counters and launches Owens from a ladder to a apron with a fireman’s carry. Owens and AJ tumble from a ladder to a floor. Corbin is also down. AJ earnings to a ring and positions a ladder as fans intone his name. AJ climbs adult though here comes Ziggler. Ziggler pulls a ladder divided though AJ is unresolved from a sequence of a briefcase. AJ falls to a pad though a briefcase and Ziggler laughs during him.

Corbin positions a ladder now. Nakamura’s strain hits and out he comes to a large pop. Corbin grabs a ladder and waits for him. Nakamura solemnly walks to a ring. Corbin tosses a ladder though misses. Fans sing Nakamura’s thesis strain as he hits a ring and unloads on Corbin. Nakamura with a knees in a dilemma and a flog to hit Corbin from a apron. Ziggler runs into boots in a dilemma from Nakamura. Nakamura with a Kinshasa from a tip to Ziggler. Another Kinshasa for Ziggler. Sami runs in though Nakamura nails him. Nakamura with a retreat exploder suplex on Sami. Nakamura with a Kinshasa to Sami next. Fans intone for Nakamura as he goes outward for a ladder. He tries to move a ladder in though Owens grabs it. Nakamura slides a ladder in though Owens is still perplexing to stop him. Owens takes a Kinshasa on a building next.

Nakamura earnings to a ring and grabs a ladder to position it underneath a case. Nakamura is delayed to stand though when he starts, AJ meets him on a other side of a ladder. They glance any other down as a throng pops. They both lift a ladder to a side and glance any other down for a quarrel in a center of a ring. They go during it and trade strikes. Nakamura relates a acquiescence from behind and brings AJ down to one knee. Nakamura turns that into another exploder. Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa to AJ though AJ blocks it with a forearm. Fans intone “this is awesome” now. Styles positions a ladder and looks to stand again. Nakamura meets him during a tip and they trade shots. Nakamura gets a upperhand as fans do dueling chants for a two. AJ fights back. They both strech for a case. Corbin runs in and pushes a ladder over, promulgation both into a ropes.

Corbin stands a ladder behind adult and climbs adult to collect a briefcase for a win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

– After a match, Corbin stands adult high with a briefcase as his strain hits. We go to replays. Corbin stands high with a briefcase while a other competitors are down around a ringside area. MITB goes off a atmosphere with Corbin lifting a briefcase.

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