WWE Live Event Results From Nottingham (11/9): AJ Styles Defends WWE Title, Jinder Mahal, Orton

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Gavin Horne for promulgation in this news for tonight’s WWE live eventuality in Nottingham:

The doors non-stop during 6pm yet a uncover didn’t indeed start until approx 7.30pm. Before that, they were display several tip 10 lists as good as a trailer for a new Seth Rollins film with Wesley Snipes called Armed Response. They also showed highlights for a Triple Threat categorical eventuality of Survivor Series 2009 between HHH, Shawn Michaels and John Cena after an assembly check chose that sold match. By a time a uncover started, it was comparatively full with usually a few sections during a really tip of any side that looked to have been lonesome over with tarps.

* Bobby Roode degraded Dolph Ziggler with Ziggler being carried to a behind by a referee. Before a compare started too, Ziggler pronounced that his song was so damn good we should listen to it again, and it played for another notation from a commencement before Roode pulled him into a ring over a tip rope.

* WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos degraded Breezango, The Hype Bros and Shelton Benjamin Chad Gable. At one indicate Zack Ryder strike Fandango with a sunsent flip yet Fandango teetered for 30-40 seconds before overhanging his hips during a throng for a good pop. Mojo Rawley was utterly interesting and was bouncing all over a ring whenever he was in it. At one point, nobody would let Shelton tab out since Rawley was in and he was too hyper. During a intros too, Rawley corroborated a announcer in to a dilemma and was perplexing to make him dance.

* Baron Corbin shielded a US Championship opposite Sin Cara. Sin Cara was renouned with a throng and got a lot of “lucha lucha” chants and stayed for several mins after a compare to hail fans ringside and in a aisle.

* There was a 6 male tab group compare where Mike Kanellis teamed with a Bludgeon Brothers opposite Tye Dyllinger and a Ascension. Pretty most everybody got cheered when in a ring solely for Kanellis, who was constantly booed. At one indicate Tye Dyllinger grabbed Mike’s ring coupler and seemed to blow his nose on a design of Maria on a behind while Mike was hold behind by a ref.

* Aiden English introduced Rusev in his common character and Rusev squared off opposite Randy Orton. There was a outrageous greeting for Orton and he finished adult removing a win after an RKO. After a match, Orton stayed around for a notation and after looking a small desirous he grabbed a mic and announced that someone was ostensible to have introduced him to a child by a name of Harrison as he had a shirt to give him. He asked a throng where a child was and eventually found him.

* After a brief break a announcer introduced a 4 on 3 women’s compare where Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Naomi squared off opposite Natalya, Lana, Tamina and Carmella. Lynch, Charlotte and Naomi picked adult a win.

Whilst a 3 were celebrating, James Ellsworth came down to a ring wearing an arm prop observant that he had been beaten adult flattering bad by a women on Tuesday and so he wanted to apologize to them, yet Natalya cut him off and asked a throng what they thought. When a throng booed, she strike him with a clothesline. Lana afterwards strike him with a mill cold stunner, Charlotte with a chokeslam, Becky Lynch strike a peoples elbow, Naomi strike him with a Booker T Scissor Kick and afterwards did a Spinarooni and Tamina strike him finally with a Superfly Splash. As a women left a ring, Carmella came behind in and waited for him to mount adult before attack him with a superkick.

* Next up, Tyler Bate and Trent Severn took on James Drake and Uk Champion Pete Dunne in a Tag match. The compare had utterly a few fake finishes and Bate and Severn finished adult picking adult a win.

* Finally in a Main Event, there was a triple hazard compare for a WWE Championship. AJ Styles shielded opposite Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal. Mahal was introduced by a Singh brothers and they were during ringside around a compare and even took a double violence during a hands of Nakamura and Styles. At one point, there was a series of fake finishes around Schoolboy pins by any male as Styles would pin Mahal, usually to be pinned by Nakamura, usually to be pinned by Mahal etc. we consider i counted 7 pins before they changed on with a match. Styles finished adult picking adult a win after attack Mahal with a Phenomenal forearm for a pin. After a match, Styles strike a styles strife on one singh hermit and Nakamura strike a other with a Kinshasa. Afterwards a distinguished together and Nakamura handed Styles a belt and shook his palm before lifting it.

Altogether it was a good card, yet a 6 male tab group seemed to have been thrown together and a partnerships didn’t seem to make most sense. There were a lot of humorous small moments like a women doing a legend’s finishers

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