WWE 205 Live Recap (6/6): Neville Vs. TJP, Alexander Vs. Dar, Titus O’Neill Appears, Gulak-Ali, More

‘205 LIVE’ ON THE WWE Network
Aired live from The Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York

The uncover opens with a video package chronicling a Neville-TJP partnership, that led to TJP seeking Neville to reason adult his finish of their bargain. Neville betrothed TJP a shot during his title, if he aided him in his argument with Austin Aries. This led to Neville aggressive TJP on Raw Monday and afterwards extenuation him his pretension eventuality in tonight’s categorical event.

Noam Dar creates his approach to a ring though Alicia Fox. Dar says that Alicia is during home nursing a neck damage from Extreme Rules. Noam takes a mic and addresses Cedric Alexander’s comments about Alicia final week. How he called her a black widow and done fun of Dar and Fox’s relationship. Dar gives a revised story of Cedric and Alicia’s relationship. Noam afterwards says that everybody is sceptical of him and his relationship. Dar has a summary from Alicia for Alexander and it’s that he should usually pierce on……. Cedric Alexander’s song hits and he creates his approach to a ring for a show’s opening match.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

The gait picks adult fast here. Cedric takes to a atmosphere and knocks Dar down with a dropkick. Both group finish adult battling to a outward and Alexander hits a flattering looking springboard moonsault. When a movement gets behind in a ring. Noam Dar assumes control when he counters Cedric, and Alexander ends adult alighting face initial on a mat. Noam starts attack Cedric with some unbending strikes and afterwards deduction to go work on his left arm.

Cedric starts fighting behind and lands some tough strikes of his own. He lands a unbending bend and afterwards drift Dar. Alexander afterwards takes to a sky with a drifting clothesline. Dar fights behind with some soccer character kicks. After both group try a movement of pinfall attempts, Cedric gets held with a large flog by Dar. Noam afterwards tries to set adult Cedric for a finish though gets rolled adult in an inside cradle for a nearby fall. Moments later, Dar connects with a large flog on Cedric and usually when it appears that Noam is on a verge of victory. Alexander recovers and hits his Lumbar check on Dar and secures a victory.

Cedric Alexander defeats Noam Dar by pinfall

Cedric Alexander confronts a depressed Noam Dar after a match. He tells him that he’s relocating on and that if Noam’s smart, he will too.

An in-depth video front following this compare of TJP’s story in a cruiserweight division. How he won The CWC, became champion and afterwards his transition to his transformation.

TJP is interviewed backstage by Dasha. He says that tonight is usually about one thing and that’s him. TJP says that this whole multiplication and uncover was put together to showcase his talent. TJP warns Neville about carrying a problem with him.

Mustafa Ali vs. Louie Valle

The gait of a compare starts off delayed with Valle operative over Ali with a wristlock. Ali recovers fast and shows off his good athleticism. Valle looks like a cranky between Johnny Rodz and Taz when he was a Tazmanian devil. He indeed gets in some some-more offense here and knocks Ali down with some unbending shots. Mustafa starts to lapse some strikes of his own. He builds adult movement and heads to a tip wire to strike his finisher. Just when Ali gets to a tip rope, Drew Gulak’s bullhorn plays over a sound system. Gulak creates his approach out with his “No Fly Zone” and megaphone. He final that Ali get off a tip rope. Valle tries to hurl adult Ali for a feat though Ali counters with a hurl adult of his possess and pins Valle.

Mustafa Ali defeats Louie Valle by pinfall

Drew Gulak congratulates Mustafa Ali for winning a compare on a belligerent rather than by a air. He pledges to Ali to change his character and asks Mustafa to join him in his campaign. When Gulak gets to ringside, Ali leaps onto him while he is in mid-sentence. Ali afterwards grabs Gulak’s pointer and destroys it.

A good video package on Rich Swann airs. The kind of video that aired during a CWC tournament. In it, Swann goes over credentials flourishing adult and his attribute with his mother. The video also shows Swann’s highlights in a multiplication so far. Like winning The Cruiserweight title.

Swann is now shown backstage articulate to Akira Tozawa. When who should uncover adult though Titus O’Neill. Titus asks if he can pronounce to “Towaza” for a minute. As Swann leaves, Titus tells him to go put a dress shirt on. O’Neill afterwards creates his representation to Akira and because he should join The Titus Brand. Titus claims that Apollo Crews wants Akira to join a brand. Titus afterwards compliments Akira on his glamour and does Tozawa’s chant. He says that ah ah ah could interpret to cha cha cha ching. Titus sells Akira of adding some additional yen in his pocket. Titus tells Tozawa to call Apollo and get his advice.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville is interviewed backstage before a categorical event. He admits that he used TJP and calls him a tool. Now that TJP is no longer useful, He is going to dispose of him now. He calls TJP a fake usually like everybody else on 205 Live.

Neville (c) vs. TJP

Tom Phillips records on explanation that Neville has not been pinned or submitted in a compare given Oct of final year….. Both commentators do a good pursuit of offered both group and their journeys before a compare starts. Neville controls a movement early on. He over powers TJP and toys with him. TJP does a good pursuit transitioning out from a front face close by Neville. His offense doesn’t final prolonged however as Neville takes him down to a pad again. TJP battles behind and takes Neville down to a mat. Both group go by several reversals and station switches from a wrist close position.

Neville continues to out flesh TJP though Perkins uses his speed to take down Neville and put him in a half crab. Neville gets to a ropes, regroups and drift TJP nonetheless again. The gait of a compare picks adult and Neville drops Perkins with a hurricanrana and afterwards taunts a crowd. He yells during them that this is his ring.

Moments later, TJP catches Neville nearby a ropes and puts him in a tarantula submission. When Neville breaks free, a movement heads to a outside. Neville over powers Perkins and sends him crashing into a barricade. Neville afterwards ends adult slamming TJP face initial onto a promote table. TJP struggles though gets behind into a ring before a count of 10. Back in a ring, everytime TJP tries to rally, Neville continues to close him down.

Neville slams TJP tough down to a mat. He afterwards heads to a tip wire and sizes adult Perkins. He leaps off and connects with a barb dropkick. Neville calls for a finish and heads to a tip again. When TJP gets up, he gets strike with a pointy elbow. TJP continues entrance during Neville and sends him to a outside. He afterwards leaps onto Neville with a rambling plancha.

When Neville gets behind inside, TJP connects with a wrecking round dropkick and a tummy buster for a nearby fall. Perkins goes for a eruption flog on Neville though a champ uses a ropes to mangle away. Neville afterwards drives TJP face initial into a mat. After a few unbending kicks by Neville lead to a nearby fall. The champion roughs adult TJP and starts derisive him. TJP rallies and targets Neville’s knee. He recovers and lays out TJP. Neville afterwards heads to a tip to strike a red arrow though misses.

TJP gets his knee bar acquiescence on Neville. When Neville tries to strech for a ropes, TJP goes to drag him behind into a ring and re-apply a hold. Neville transitions and puts Perkins in a Rings of Saturn. TJP counters it into a hurl adult pin attempt. Neville rolls by it and clamps on The Rings of Saturn. Moments later, TJP submits and a ref calls for a bell.

Neville defeats TJP by acquiescence to keep The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The uncover ends with Neville celebrating his feat with pretension in hand.

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