WTF? Why Does Trump’s Stormy Daniels NDA Mention ‘Paternity’ & ‘Alleged Children’??

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It’s waggish Donald Trump thinks he can outwit Robert Mueller.

The president’s lawyers reportedly attempted Friday to make a understanding for an finish to a review in sell for his interview, something no one would ever determine to.

Meanwhile he’s still losing authorised belligerent to a porn star!

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Stormy Daniels‘ pierce of making a tangible NDA open by her lawsuit is a flattering shining one, though it led to some BIG questions on Thursday.

Certain reporters beheld in a request authorised denunciation prohibiting Ms. Clifford from disclosing “paternity information” or “alleged children.”

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted:


Is there any reason to consider Trump fathered a child with Daniels, or anyone else? (Other than his 3 wives, we mean.) Or even some-more shameful for his base, that she had his abortion??

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Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, pronounced Friday:

“Absolutely not. No.”

He explained to TheWrap this is only standard “boilerplate language” one would design in an NDA of this kind.

We theory it’s a cover-your-ass pierce Michael Cohen indeed remembered to make while he was bustling creation insanely reprobate moves like negotiating a remuneration of $130K of income he leveraged by holding a line of credit on his home to a lady his customer cheated with — allegedly.

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