Women Are ‘Quarter Brained’, Shouldn’t Drive, Says Saudi Cleric

Riyadh:  A Saudi minister who pronounced women should not be authorised to expostulate since they have a “quarter” of a brainpower of group has been criminialized from preaching, a supervision pronounced Friday.

Saad al-Hijri was dangling from heading prayers and all other eremite activity in a southern range of Asir after he was widely pilloried on amicable media for his comment.

Hijri pronounced women — who routinely are “half-brained” compared to group — “end adult with usually a quarter” when they go selling and therefore contingency be denied pushing licences, according to an online video identifying him as a comparison eremite figure.

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia has some of a world’s tightest restrictions on women and is a usually nation where they are not authorised to drive, notwithstanding desirous supervision reforms directed during boosting womanlike employment.

Under a country’s safekeeping system, a masculine family member — routinely a father, father or hermit — contingency extend accede for a woman’s study, transport and other activities.

Hijri’s criticism sparked a charge on amicable media, with women’s rights activists job for his suspension, though he also had pockets of support from regressive followers.

“The anathema sends a summary that priesthood platforms will not be used to undercut a values of equality, probity and honour for women that are fundamental in Islam,” an central matter said, citing a orator for Asir’s governor.

“Anyone regulating priesthood platforms to criticise those values will be criminialized in future.”

Following his suspension, Hijri pronounced that his criticism was a “slip of a tongue”, according to Sabq online newspaper.