Will Rangasthalam be taken off screens in Tamil Nadu?

rangasthalam pooja Ram Charan Samantha Akkineni reviewrangasthalam pooja Ram Charan Samantha Akkineni review Rangasthalam’s group has reliable that a film will have a full run in Tamil Nadu.

Following a Tamil Film Producer Council’s strike, a theatres in Tamil Nadu have seen a default of new content. With no remit from a conditions in sight, several theatres functioned on a clever diet of calm from other languages and re-releases. In a new proclamation from a TFPC, a physique had claimed that Telugu film producers have corroborated Kollywood’s struggle. It also combined that in a gesticulate of ‘solidarity’, Telugu producers have concluded to stop screening Telugu films from Sunday. It serve pronounced that it would embody Ram Charan-Samantha Akkineni’s latest strike Rangasthalam that has found several takers in Tamil Nadu.

However, a PR for Rangasthalam has now denied any such development, observant that Rangasthalam will have a full run in Tamil Nadu. Ending rumours, Vamsi Kaka has tweeted there has been no central proclamation nonetheless from a Telugu film physique yet. “Rangasthalam will have a full run in Tamil Nadu. No central matter from a Telugu Producer Council about a film’s screening to be stopped from this Sunday. Don’t trust in fake news/rumors,” he tweeted. An central response from a TFPC is awaited.

Rangasthalam pennyless annals in Chennai, earning Rs 25 lakh on Day 1 and apropos a top opening a Telugu film has garnered. The film has continued to sum income as certain reviews and word of mouth increased a box bureau performance. Several other Telugu films such as Kirrak Party, Awe, MLA found several screens in a city, interjection to a calm default theatres are facing.

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