Will Nina Dobrev Reunite With Ian Somerhalder After Austin Stowell Breakup?

Will Nina Dobrev Reunite With Ian Somerhalder After Austin Stowell Breakup?

Now that Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell are over after usually 7 months of dating  has Nina’s former “The Vampire Diaries” co-star Ian Somerhalder already dumped Nikki Reed? Nina and Ian could be headed for a regretful reunion.

You can’t skip a consistent reports that Ian and Nikki have been fighting over either or not to start a family. At initial conjecture was that Nikki didn’t wish to have a baby given a singer wanted to concentration on her career.

Just recently sources started divulgence it’s Ian who is demure to start a family with Nikki Reed given “The Vampire Diaries” star was anticipating for a reunion with former fire Nina.

Ian might usually get his wish given Nina and Austin have called it quits. Of course, Dobrev’s and Stowell’s member have not nonetheless released any comments on a couple’s attribute status.

Things seemed to be heating adult for Nina and Austin over a Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Stowell met Dobrev’s family when they all spent time together during ski holiday during a pricey chalet. Instagram photos showed a Nina and Austin removing friendly on Christmas Eve. Dobrev even got domestic and baked a cake and other goodies for Stowell.

So what happened? No one knows yet, and if Nina and Austin have separate there will substantially be a customary aged standby about how most Dobrev and Stowell adore and honour any other and will sojourn friends, blah, blah, blah.

But we have we have to wonder, did Nina Dobrev comprehend she wanted Ian Somerhalder back? And on a career front, did Dobrev comprehend she hasn’t had most success scoring roles on radio or in cinema given walking out a doorway during TVD? Is it probable that Nina is headed behind to a CW uncover and also into Ian’s arms?

If Nikki Reed wants to stay married to Ian Somerhalder than Nina Dobrev’s reported dissection with Austin Stowell contingency have a “Sleepy Hollow” singer really nervous. Nikki might need to make a unfortunate pierce and get profound as shortly as probable if she wants to hang onto Ian. Or maybe Nikki will be anxious to be absolved of Ian?

“The Vampire Diaries” appears to be tanking given Nina left – CW changed it to a lethal container on Friday nights. TVD fans have been vagrant for Nina to come back. This might be usually a right time for Dobrev to lapse – not usually to “The Vampire Diaries,” though also to Ian.