Why Prince Harry Is ‘Overjoyed’ That William & Kate Are Having Another Baby – Hollywood Life

Baby series 3 is on a approach and, according to a insider, Prince Harry is anxious to be an uncle all over again! Here’s all a EXCLUSIVE details!

Unless we live underneath a stone somewhere, we’re betting you’ve listened a insanely sparkling news that Prince William, 35, and Kate Middleton, 35, are profound with their third child! So exciting! While we desperately wait for some-more details on what is substantially a biggest baby news of a year, we’re training how other members of a family are reacting to a announcement. And, according to a source, no one is some-more anxious than Prince Harry, 32, that Princess Charlotte, 2, and Prince George, 4, will shortly have a younger sibling! Head here to check out some of George and Charlotte’s cutest moments!

Harry is substantially a happiest of all a royals that William and Kate are awaiting again, he’s flattering most as vivacious as a new parents-to-be themselves!” a house insider shares with HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “As it stands right now, Harry is fifth in line for a throne, behind his father Charles, William, George and afterwards Charlotte. But a new baby will push Harry even serve down a line, creation him sixth in line, and radically dwindling even serve his chances of ever carrying to be King. Harry has always desired being ‘the spare’ behind William ‘the heir’, and he has no enviousness whatsoever that his hermit will one day take over a avocation of being King of England. Don’t get me wrong, Harry is really responsible and deferential of his stately duties, and is wakeful of a privileges and lifestyle that his position affords him.”

Our insider went on to supplement that Harry enjoys his position in a family, generally as a friendly uncle, and doesn’t enviousness his brother’s pithy responsibilities when he is crowned king. “Harry is impossibly tighten to William, he loves and respects his hermit some-more than any other chairman in a world, aside from his grandmother a Queen perhaps, though he also doesn’t enviousness William’s position. Being ‘the spare’ affords Harry so most some-more leisure in life, and allows him to live a considerably reduction pressurized life. Quite frankly, a some-more children that William and Kate have, a reduction pressure Harry is placed under—but, aside from that, he’s also an extraordinary uncle and is vivacious that he will shortly have another niece and nephew to spoil.” Our usually doubt is: does this news have Harry and his beautiful partner Meghan Markle, 36, meditative some-more severely about settling down?!

HollywoodLifers, are we amatory Harry’s greeting to a announcement! Let us know!