Why Elton John’s Tiny Dancer’s oft-misread lyrics doesn’t stop it from being a favourite

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There are songs, and afterwards there are songs. Elton John’s Tiny Dancer falls into a second category. The series was penned by Bernie Taupin, who has frequently collaborated with John in a past. Tiny Dancer is customarily everyone’s favourite Elton John track. A readers’ check of a best Elton John songs rated Tiny Dancer on a series one spot. No surprises there.

The strain was expelled in 1971 as partial of a album, Madman Across a Water. Tiny Dancer is now hummable and is one of those singular marks that on conference for a initial time creates we consternation of a time where we competence have listened of it before. It has a warmth, though it’s also breezy. Basically, Tiny Dancer is like a cuddle on a cold night. But a lyrics are somewhat formidable to comprehend, and it’s mostly been misinterpreted as something that author Taupin wrote for his initial mother Maxine Feibelmann. But that wasn’t a case, as a lyricist once pronounced in an interview.

“The biggest myth about a strain is that it was created about my initial wife”, Taupin had pronounced in an talk with a Rolling Stone. According to a writer, a lane was desirous by a women he had initial encountered in California in 1970. The lyricist found a women diametrically opposite from a kind he had seen all his life in England. The difficulty that Taupin had created a strain about his initial mother competence have been a outcome of a fact that he had dedicated Tiny Dancer to her.

The vocals of John and a absolute strain make we wish to constantly sing along each time a lane is played anywhere, though a lyrics of Tiny Dancer are not that simple, during slightest on a aspect of it. Take, for instance, a following stanza:

Jesus freaks out in a street
Handing tickets out for God
Turning behind she only laughs
The highway is not that bad

Or this stanza:

Piano male he creates his stand
In a auditorium
Looking on she sings a songs
The difference she knows, a balance she hums

Yes, we see images in your conduct of a waste lady who has a flattering grin (Taupin’s words, not mine) and she’s someone who is lustful of music. But that’s all we get from a initial listen. Backed by a clever voice and shining music, it’s not a shocker that Tiny Dancer has remained so uninformed after all these years. An central strain video was expelled final year, that establishes Tiny Dancer as a highway song, something that Richard Linklater’s 2000 classical Almost Famous had already done.

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