Whoa! Did Kanye West Just Take ANOTHER Shot At Taylor Swift With The Message On His T-Shirt?!

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This celeb argument refuses to EVER come to an end!!!

On Friday night, Kanye West forsaken in on Nobu in Malibu with some friends, and a shirt he wore tells us all we should know about how he feels about Taylor Swift!

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Spotted after eating cooking with his friends, West reportedly had a shirt with a following summary on a behind of it (below):

“She’s over Good and Evil.”


Who ELSE could that be about, though Taylor???

The timing of it this week, a unconstrained argument a span has had generally when any one drops new music… sounds like Kanye is creation only another matter about where he stands with Taylor!!

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This tweet, from a few days ago, continues to be a many loyal twitter about this argument ever (below):

Will this thing ever end?! Does possibly celeb even want it to end?!

So crazy!!

Let us know your thoughts in a comments (below)!!!

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