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We know Paul has done it, yet who will join him in a final three? Christmas, Paul or Kevin battled it out on Thursday night. Follow along with a live blog here.

The finish is so close for a season 19 expel of Big Brother, but there was still so many to go for a final four. After Paul won Wednesday night’s HOH, he had to run one final nominations ceremony. He nominated Josh and Kevin; however, this HOH was all about the Veto comp. Of march they will all play, including Christmas.

The halt was another foe about occurrences in a BB residence — we had to figure out that series day specific events took place. Kevin unfortunately was a initial out, followed by Christmas, afterwards Josh. Paul won a final veto.

Instead of Paul doing what he did with Alex, he told Kevin his devise was still move him to final three. However, he had designed to keep nominations a same, and Christmas would have to opinion him out. This way, he wouldn’t get any blood on his hands, and could still get Kevin’s jury vote. He did not use it, and Christmas sent home Kevin.

Meanwhile, we got a demeanour during a jury house, and schooled that Cody was literally still same ol’ Cody. He did not caring about anything in that game. The many engaging partial yet was Jason anticipating out that Alex had nothing to do with his elimination, and a whole residence anticipating out that Paul was personification everyone. For some reason though, Raven was assured she was indeed Paul’s real fondness member and that she was “the puppet master.”

HollywoodLifers, who are we rooting for?

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