Who Is Tiger Woods’ New Girlfriend Kristin Smith?

Who Is Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend Kristin Smith?

Who is Tiger Woods’ partner Kristin Smith? So far, usually people know that she’s his new blonde gal companion and that she loves to shop. She is reported to be dating a veteran golf player and she listened about his run-in with a law while she was shopping. It seems like Kristin Smith doesn’t seem to caring that he’s in trouble. She jetted off to Costa Rica shortly after his arrest.

Kristin Smith’s beach vacation was some-more critical than Tiger Woods’ arrest. She puts her needs forward of her relationship. Tiger Woods’ partner was seen shower adult a object in Costa Rica only days after his DUI detain done title news. Kristin Smith took to Instagram to shamelessly post a imitation of herself wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and enjoying a beach.

Then, she followed adult with a counterpart selfie that review “best life.” Smith posted another imitation that featured her wearing a floral imitation one-piece swimsuit. She was reportedly holding her beach vacation after Tiger Woods was arrested for pushing underneath a change in Jupiter, Florida on May 29.

Who Is Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend Kristin Smith?

Radar Online formerly reported that Woods was dating Kristin Smith, who is a personal stylist from Texas. Though a integrate has kept still about their attribute on amicable media, she told D Magazine behind in Mar that she’s “happy” and she doesn’t wish her high-profile attribute to “define” her.

Kristin Smith’s actions still don’t demeanour good as she lives her life in a open eye. According to The Sun, she went on a $5,000 selling debauch after she schooled about Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest. It seems like she has a bad selling habit. She reportedly perceived a phone call informing her that a contestant was pulled over by cops in Florida. Woods was found defunct behind a circle of his car around 3 a.m. in Florida.

Smith is a mother-of-one who works as a personal stylist for The Clad Life. It’s misleading either she was selling for business or pleasure. She now resides in Dallas, Texas with her son, Isaiah, 7, who she shares with NFL star Gerald Sensabaugh. It sounds like Smith has a form – veteran athletes. Sansaubaugh told Radar Online that he’s not meddlesome in conference about Woods’ private life or his organisation with his ex-wife.

Kristin Smith and Tiger Woods started dating in Nov 2016. It looks like Woods has a form too given she resembles his ex-wife Elin Nordegen and ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. Smith has a shameful past too. In Apr 2016, she was stopped during Palm Beach Airport when she had to palm over $2,000 cash, reports Radar Online. She claims a income was a present from her beloved when she was interrogated by police.

Who Is Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend Kristin Smith?

What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do we consider it was shameless for Kristin Smith to go on vacation shortly after Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest? Do we consider she’s a good compare for him? Sound off next in a comments section.   Check behind with CDL for some-more Tiger Woods news and updates here.

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