When Priyanka Chopra met Narendra Modi during Berlin: Here’s what she wore

Priyanka Chopra, Narendra Modi Priyanka Chopra, Narendra Modi Priyanka Chopra with Narendra Modi during Berlin. (Source: Instagram/Twitter, Priyanka Chopra)

Priyanka Chopra is a happy lady and because not! After all, her desirable life is holding her places. Recently, a singer was seen pity a integrate of photos on Instagram from her adventures in Berlin. From a planefie to posing in front of a Berlin Wall and a Holocaust Memorial, a singer is bustling being a tourist, even yet she is on a work outing to foster Baywatch in a city.

Chopra even managed to accommodate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and took to amicable media platforms to share her excitement. “Was such a poetic fluke to be in #berlin during a same time as a Prime Minister. Thank we @narendramodi Sir for holding a time from your packaged report to accommodate me this morning,” wrote Chopra in her Instagram post.

She also tweeted a print of herself with Modi with a caption, “Thank we for holding a time to accommodate me this morning @narendramodi Sir. Such a poetic fluke to be in #berlin during a same time.”


For a occasion, a singer picked a white floral dress with edging sum by Australian engineer Zimmermann. The over-the-knee outfit gave us vital summer vibes yet we didn’t like her hairdo during all. We consider a Baywatch star would have looked improved with a disorderly ponytail with soothing waves on it or even a neat ponytail for that matter and she could have styled her demeanour serve with matter earrings. Having pronounced that, we are not a large fan of her make-up too. Even yet her signature brownish-red mouth shade didn’t demeanour bad, a cocktail of liughtness on her lips would have towering a look.

Considering how clever her conform and beauty diversion has been given her entrance during a Met Gala 2017, we are unhappy to contend that she didn’t stir us most this time.

What do we consider about her look? Let us know in a comments below.

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