What Millennials’ Outrageously High Consumption of Wine Really Says About Us

If you’re a millennial who loves wine, this competence not come as a warn to you. We, and by that we meant people aged 21 to 38, drank roughly half a booze purchased in America final year. According to a survey by a Wine Market Council, millennials bought 159.6 million cases of booze final year, that is some-more than 40 percent of all booze consumed in a nation in 2015. And we’re not articulate about a bottom of a barrel, either. The consult found that millennials aren’t fearful to splurge — “17 percent of millennials who drank booze spent over $20 per bottle, as compared to usually 5 percent of baby boomer booze lovers,” NBC News reported.

What’s some-more is that we don’t only try out in price, though also in variety. We’re peaceful to try booze from some-more places and ride not only toward what’s familiar: “While Boomers are some-more expected to squeeze California bottles, millennials are pushing a sales of Washington, Oregon, and even New York,” the investigate found. I’d like to consider that we privately contributed to a tiny commission of these results, and we really align with a patterns of a survey. While Two-Buck Chuck was a tack in college, my grown-ass 23-year-old self has graduated to a fancy stuff, aka $12 bottles of Cabernet.

I consider these consult formula pronounce to a incomparable trend among millennials — we value quality, not only quantity. We’re experts during weighing a options before creation a preference (do we ever go to a grill before checking a Yelp score?), we’re some-more peaceful to take risks (wine- or job-related), and we’re some-more usurpation (gay marriage? You improved trust it. Wine that’s not from booze country? Let’s try it out!). Cheers to that.