We’re Happy To Announce Queer Eye Fan Favorites Tom & Abby Are ENGAGED!

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This is a good news we indispensable today.

Because we are invested in a complacency of a Queer Eye characters some-more than a own, we’re happy to news that Tom Jackson is intent to his ex-wife, Abby!

If you’ve seen a show, Abby is a propitious lady who a Fab 5 helped Tom win behind after an impassioned life makeover! Since then, they span have damaged up… gotten behind together… and afterwards days after were engaged! What a drum coaster of emotions!!!

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Here’s how it all went down (below)!

We’re not crying, you’re crying! But wait… there’s more. Tom also wants a Fab 5 concerned in his nuptials:

Wouldn’t that be something. We only adore a happy ending!

P.S. If we haven’t watched a Netflix array yet… what are we doing with your life, bb?

[Image around Twitter.]

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