WeChat hits one billion monthly users

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WeChat is one of China’s many renouned apps

WeChat has strike one billion monthly users for a initial time, a owners of a Chinese messaging app has revealed.

The immeasurable infancy of a users are formed in China, where it’s famous as Weixin, and where a new Lunar New Year increased it past a milestone.

But it is still lagging behind Facebook-owned WhatsApp that has about 1.5 billion monthly users.

WeChat is a valuables in a climax of Chinese tech hulk Tencent. But because is it so popular? Here are 5 reasons it has finished so well.

It’s not usually about messaging

Sure, it began as a messaging app. And it does during initial peek demeanour and feel a bit like WhatsApp and Viber.

But WeChat developed quickly, and it lets users do many some-more than usually promulgate with their friends and family.

It serves as China’s biggest amicable network. But it’s also where people spin to book a taxi, sequence food, make a doctors appointment, do their banking, or find a date.

And when they are playing games like a outrageous Tencent-owned strike Honour of Kings, WeChat is where players review scores with their friends.

It has turn constituent to a daily life of many in China, generally in a cities.

It is utterly probable to get by an whole day regulating a app for (pretty much) your any need, that means it’s usually going to grow.

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It creates profitable for things simple

The expansion of digital payments in China means many younger people have skipped a credit label judgment for profitable online.

Instead they use payments services run by internal tech giants like Alibaba or Tencent.

WeChat’s payments underline lets users upload their banking sum and afterwards can buy products or services from any central account.

Even holding a tiny commission from any transaction creates WeChat in one of Tencent’s best-earners.

Corporations adore it

WeChat has let millions of businesses get into a smartphones of business and would-be customers.

Companies and organisations can emanate central accounts within WeChat – a small like apps. Some do this before they even set adult an app of their own.

Users can allow to a accounts and get promotions messaged directly to them or click in be taken to a selling page,.

And a remuneration complement already mentioned means if firms can convince a user to partial with some cash, a routine of creation that transaction is flattering true forward.

And WeChat is a large reason QR Codes have been adopted so straightforwardly in China – record that helps firms get information to users as good as promote those payments.

Also, while WeChat has been sincerely regressive in a volume of promotion it allows on a platform, it is a unequivocally targeted approach for companies to strech people.

It is unashamedly China-focussed

While it is creation in-roads in South East Asia and South Africa, WeChat unequivocally is still all about China.

It understands that market, and taps into what Chinese users are doing both online and offline.

For example, a giving of red envelopes containing income during Lunar New Year – a country’s biggest annual holiday – is a outrageous tradition.

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A few years behind WeChat introduced digital versions of these “hongbao” and a recognition has soared.

During a festival that usually ended, some-more than 688 million WeChat users sent or perceived them.

The Great Firewall doesn’t apply

Restrictions on entrance to many Western amicable media services such as Facebook and Twitter – as good as Google – meant many Chinese people do not have entrance to these services legally, even if they wanted them

And that combined an sourroundings where internal players like WeChat could thrive. So too did QQ – another Tencent-owned height that migrated a users over to WeChat, another boost to a user base.

All Chinese amicable media platforms are compulsory to bury open posts deemed bootleg by a government. WeChat is no different.

But it insists encryption means others can’t “snoop” on your messages – and that calm such as text, audio and images are not stored on a servers – and are deleted once all dictated recipients have review them.

Earlier this year it issued a matter denying “storing discuss histories” after critique from Chinese businessman Li Shufu, who recently pronounced a organisation “must be examination all the WeChats any day”.

The Tencent-owned organisation pronounced suggestions that it was examination users was “pure misunderstanding”.

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