We Got a Exclusive First Taste of a Newest Cheerios, and Here’s What We Thought

We Got a Exclusive First Taste of a Newest Cheerios, and Here’s What We Thought

Cheerios has a new season that berry-lovers will go crazy for: Very Berry Cheerios. You competence be meditative you’ve already had this cereal, though don’t upset this new breakfast object with Berry Burst Cheerios from a past. Instead of carrying whole berries tossed in a box, a Very Berry Cheerios have a speckled cloaking of freeze-dried berries, roughly like berry dust. With a multiple of blueberry powder, strawberry powder, cranberry powder, and hiss powder, a cereal offers a honeyed and spicy season with each bite. While sugarine is a second part on a list, there are usually 9 grams per serving, that is a same volume of sugarine in Honey Nut Cheerios.

As someone who prefers plain Cheerios over any other movement (I know, unpopular opinion), we was certain we wouldn’t be a fan. But we was agreeably astounded that a honeyed extraneous of a cereal doesn’t repress a strange season — we still get copiousness of a delicious oat goodness. Other POPSUGAR editors couldn’t wait to try a new Cheerios and director out a intensity new favorite cereal. Here’s what we suspicion of a whole-grain (and gluten-free) Cheerios.

  • “Slightly honeyed with a good oat flavor. Tastes like freeze-dried berries dejected into cereal.”
  • “Like a grown-up Froot Loops!”
  • “Totally adore a flavor. Still classical Cheerios with a right volume of berry.”
  • “Would eat these over Honey Nut!”

If you’re vehement to try a new cereal, demeanour out for Very Berry Cheerios ($4) on shelves national commencement in Jan 2017.

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