Watch Tom Brady Adorably Re-Enact The Lion King’s Circle Of Life Scene With His New Puppy!

Welcome to a family, Fluffy!

Tom Brady might not be a initial chairman to reason a tiny animal adult to a sky like Simba in The Lion King, though he certain does it well!

On Thursday, a star quarterback strictly inducted his new puppy, Fluffy, into his famous family a same approach any King of the Jungle Football would do.

Photo: Tom Gisele Bündchen Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary!

The New England Patriots captain common a lovable shave on Facebook of himself lifting his bushy crony above his conduct — a la Rafiki — while Circle of Life played in a background.

He even referenced a Disney charcterised classical in a video’s caption, writing:

“Everything a light touches, Fluffy…”

But really, describing it in essay doesn’t do a changed post any justice, so ch-ch-check it out (below)!

[Image around Gisele Bündchen/Instagram, Rob Rich/WENN.]

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