Watch The Moment Josh Peck & Drake Bell Reunited At The VMAs!

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What’s improved than anticipating out dual feuding celebrities have done up? Watching their close reunion!

Thanks to Josh Peck documenting his whole a MTV VMAs knowledge for YouTube, we got to see a impulse he and Drake Bell came together following their really open beef.

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In a clip, Josh surprises his former on-screen step-brother backstage and hilariously begs Drake to call off his Facebook fan army — who are apparently still badgering Josh for not mouth-watering Drake to his wedding.

But given a story between a former Nickelodeon stars, one reunion usually wasn’t enough. So, Josh staged a second reunion for his YouTuber crony David Dobrik, who usually done things somewhat ungainly by bringing adult a marriage again.

Watch Josh’s behind-the-scenes VMAs video (below) to see a extraordinary reunion!

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