Watch Selena Gomez In The Official Trailer For In Dubious Battle, Directed By James Franco, HERE!

This film looks like it could be really, unequivocally good!!

Based on a John Steinbeck novel of a same name, In Dubious Battle will be out in theaters soon, and we’ve got a demeanour during a trailer (above)!!!

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The film is heavy, to contend a slightest — it deals with California plantation workers distinguished opposite low salary and miserable work conditions — and in starring stalwarts like Robert Duvall and Ed Harris, we know it’s going to be intense!

Oh, and there’s Selena Gomez, too!!!

With Nat Wolff in a lead role, James Franco starring in a film (and directing it!), and Selena doing her thing, this could be a unequivocally considerable flick!

Ch-ch-check it out (above) and let us know what we consider about it in a comments (below)!!!

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