Watch Giada De Laurentiis Make Green Chicken Tenders and Broccoli Tacos With Dr. Oz

Giada De Laurentiis stopped by The Dr. Oz Show to talk about how to sneak healthy green ingredients into everyday recipes. She made broccoli rabe tacos and green chicken tenders with a surprising ingredient — matcha! “This is a dish that was inspired by Halloween, well, the first time,” Giada said of the colorful baked chicken tenders. “My daughter loves chicken fingers, as many kids do, and I thought, ‘how can I make something a little bit more Halloween-like?’ So I used matcha, which is basically just green tea powdered up. And it’s really good for you, too.”

As for the broccoli rabe tacos, Giada said, “The cruciferous vegetables are just loaded with vitamins and minerals. They’re so good for you. And honestly, you can do so many different things with them. So what I like to do for a taco is actually blanch it for about 30 seconds to a minute and then you season it and grill it. It gives it a char — it gives it, like, that smoky flavor, and then it’s even better in a taco.”

Get a sneak peek at Giada’s recipes in the videos above, and catch the full episode on Friday, Dec. 9.