Watch Donald Trump’s Address On Horrific Las Vegas Shooting: This Is ‘An Act Of Pure Evil’

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Donald Trump has oral on the harmful sharpened in Las Vegas that has claimed a lives of 50 people.

POTUS spoke from a White House on Monday following a mass sharpened during a Vegas song festival on Sunday evening, job a tragedy “an act of pristine evil.”

The boss didn’t offer many sum about a harrowing occurrence that left 50 passed and 400 bleeding during Jason Aldean‘s set, though he did endorse a FBI would be providing updates in team-work with Vegas police, whom he thanked for their discerning response.

Trump done a indicate not to call a sharpened an “act of terror,” notwithstanding reports that ISIS had already claimed responsibility for a shooting. Though he still done certain to embody a lovely summary of wish in his address, dogmatic “that a togetherness can't be cracked by evil.”

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Trump’s debate was also peppered with scripture. In between giving thoughts and prayers, Trump admitted that “god lives in a hearts of those who grieve.”

Announcing he and Melania Trump would be drifting to Vegas on Wednesday to accommodate with survivors and victims’ families, Trump affianced a White House’s support to those influenced by a shooting. He also destined that a dwindle be flown during half mast.

Watch clips of POTUS’s gloomy debate (below).

Watch a debate in full (below):

[Image around White House/YouTube.]

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