‘Walking Dead’ Producers Prep Korean Drama Series Based On Robert Kirkman Script

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment is teaming with Viki, the tellurian TV site powered by fans, to furnish Five Year, a array formed on an strange Kirkman book that was a impulse for The Walking Dead. The pre-apocalyptic series, about a family vital underneath a hazard of a lethal meteor headed toward Earth, will be filmed as a Korean drama.

Robert_Kirkman_4x6“This has been a story we have wanted to tell for utterly some time, though [fellow Skybound co-founder David Alpert] and we wanted to make certain it found a correct home where it could grow and breathe creatively,” pronounced Kirkman, who combined a new series. “Looking during what Viki has finished in not usually a thespian array space though transforming a approach viewers devour and interpret media, we knew immediately Five Year had found a home.”

The array will entrance a initial 16-episode deteriorate on Korean promote TV and worldwide on Viki. It will take place over a march of 5 years with 5 seasons anticipated. Filming will start after this year.

“As clinging fans of Korean cinema, radio and culture, we’re anxious to be rising what we wish is a initial of many collaborations with a Korean party industry,” Alpert said. “Five Year, that tells a story of one family traffic with a imminent apocalypse, is a ideal skill to launch a partnership. It highlights a heated interpersonal moments that Korean dramas constraint so good and sets them opposite a epic backdrop for that Skybound has turn known.”

R-Viki-transparentFive Year is a second strange array constructed by Viki, a unit of Japanese Internet services association Rakuten with offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Dramaworld, a 10-episode miniseries set in Los Angeles and Korea with a multinational expel and crew, will entrance in a open on Viki.com.

Tammy Nam“In many ways, Viki and Skybound paint a destiny of tellurian entertainment, quite with Hollywood-Asia collaborations and VOD platforms like Viki heading placement and fan-building,” pronounced Viki CEO Tammy Nam. “We’re anxious to be operative with a creators and executive producers of one of a many renouned TV array of all time. The fact that David and Robert wanted to make ‘Five Year’ as a K-drama is a covenant to a large tellurian recognition and peculiarity of Asian programming.”