Wait — Donald Trump May Be Having An Extramarital Affair Right Now?!

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We know all a stories about Donald Trump carrying on apparent extramarital affairs and profitable off women in his past… though could he indeed be carrying an event RIGHT NOW in a White House?!

That’s what Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff thinks, according to his coming final night on Real Time with horde Bill Maher.


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Wolff came on Maher’s uncover for an talk about his book and suggested that nonetheless a author “didn’t have a blue dress” on an purported Trump event (a anxiety to a pivotal square of justification in reckoning out Bill Clinton was carrying an event with Monica Lewinsky), he though feels “absolutely sure” that The Donald is intrigue on Melania Trump.

The usually reason because Wolff hasn’t come out earlier is that he lacked “ultimate proof.” Hmmm…

Wolff plays it decorous when Maher questions him about it, observant that he planted a idea in his argumentative book about The Donald’s administration, though he wouldn’t exhibit where or what a idea was about in a book.

Wolff said:

“You’ll know it [about a clue]. Now that I’ve told you, when we strike that paragraph, you’ll say, ‘Bingo.'”

Good approach to sell some-more books?? Or tangible thing to compensate courtesy to here??? Who a ruin knows with Trump anymore. LOLz!!!

Here’s a full Wolff-Maher talk from final night (below):


Amidst all this, Trump has been tweeting uncanny shit in a final few hours — like this, about a supervision shutdown that he alone is obliged for (below):

Or this, about a ancestral and large women’s marches around a nation that are categorically ANTI-Trump (below):

Yeah, OK Donald.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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