Vishal Aditya Singh on dating Chandrakanta co-star Madhurima Tuli: It is a transparent box of opposites attract

Vishal Aditya Singh on dating Chandrakanta co-star Madhurima TuliVishal Aditya Singh on dating Chandrakanta co-star Madhurima Tuli Vishal Aditya Singh and his Chandrakanta co-star Madhurima Tuli wish to take their attribute solemnly and wish to know any other more.

The sets of Chandrakanta-Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha recently witnessed a immature intrigue between a lead actors Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli. The integrate wants to take their attribute solemnly and wish to know any other more. While Vishal had been silent over a news trickle of their affair, he finally motionless to open adult exclusively to

At a start of a conversation, Vishal pronounced that he is totally astounded by a remarkable media attention. “I am so most in direct suddenly, and it’s unequivocally bizarre for we know it will die down soon. To be honest we have never oral about my personal life and we wouldn’t like to plead it too much.”

With a smile, he serve common with us, “See, we don’t unequivocally know a judgment of dating. we come from a tiny city in Bihar and we have never got a event to introduce a girl, so all this is a new universe to me. As for Madhurima, after sharpened together for a few months, we realised we have a bond and that’s when we motionless to spend some-more time together. we honour women and emotions and so we don’t wish to blow trumpets. We know what’s function between us and we would like a privacy.”

The integrate has been together for a while now though have no skeleton to consider about marriage. Laughing out loud, Vishal quipped, “We are only removing to know any other and that’s how we would like to take it ahead. Let us suffer a time, it’s too shortly to even consider about matrimony and all.”

While Vishal and Madhurima come from identical segment and have a same family values, they are totally opposite people. “We might have had identical upbringing though we are poles apart. In a case, it was totally ‘opposites attract’ and that’s what got us together it seems.” When asked to discuss a qualities that he favourite in her, a immature actor quipped, “I consider when adore happens, we don’t count and collect on qualities. You don’t see harmony for we accept a chairman as they are. So we can’t conclude it in difference though we both are exploring any other’s several sides.”

Talking about a success of Chandrakanta, a actor said, “I am unequivocally unapproachable of a approach people have supposed a uncover and it has been constantly doing good for a year now. There are a lot of people who put down abnormal shows though let me tell you, it takes a lot to make it. It also final a lot of appetite from actors and requires we to have a certain kind of persona, and not to forget an exquisite authority over a language. It’s easy to impugn though there aren’t a lot of actors who can indeed lift these off with full conviction.

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Lastly, he common that he has had a smashing tour from a tiny city man to personification a lead in a renouned show. “It has been a fun ride. we have always given significance to my life, and in lapse it has astounded me always. we suffer holding adult hurdles and confronting things that we fear, and it has been one drum coaster life for me. we wouldn’t contend it has been tough as everybody has their possess share of struggles though we trust with integrity and tough work we can do anything in life. we unequivocally trust in a observant that, “Burai ki ek fitrat hai ke woh haar nahi maanti and acchai ki ek fitrat hai ke who burai ke saamne nahi harti (Hard times never finish though integrity never lets it win over you).

Chandrakanta front during 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday, on Colors.

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