Virat Kohli dancing: See all a dance videos of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, Kohli dance, Indian ExpressVirat Kohli, Kohli dance, Indian Express Virat Kohli shakes his leg with Yuvraj Singh.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is famous for his charge on a cricket margin while he is somebody who is flattering concerned in off a margin activities too. Be it behaving in advertisements or his aptness regimes, Kohli’s soundness in each aspect only attract his fans. Virat has shown his dance moves on utterly a few occasions and a decorated batsman catches a beats utterly nicely.

During one of Yuvraj Singh’s marriage function, Kohli is speckled doing The Bhangra on a Punjabi lane and a stylish cricketer isn’t only dancing himself though is also seen running Yuvraj with some steps. Later, Yuvraj and Kohli compare their moves with Hazel and Anushka and a twin doesn’t unequivocally demeanour worried here as well.

Here in this video, while Mandeep Singh is heading a contingent with his dance moves and Chris Gayle is following him, Kohli joins Gyale and Mandy after someday though looks to locate a beats and stairs with ease.

Bollywood singer Sonakshi Sinha got a ideal partner for herself in Virat Kohli while behaving in Rohit Sharma’s wedding. Virat showed adult with his dancing skills some-more well as he speckled jolt legs on a Bollywood strain from Sonakshi’s film R Rajkumar.

The Indian skipper is certainly an all-rounder in his possess terms and it’s not only a cricket margin where he has been successful though oof a margin too, he is somebody who is looked adult to.

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