Vince Russo Files Order Of Protection Against Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff And Cornette Respond

As noted, Vince Russo has been in several open feuds with Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard. The argument escalated this week as Cornette suggested that Russo has filed an sequence of insurance opposite him. Russo filed a petition on Jun 16th in Indiana, claiming that he has been of plant of Cornette stalking him.

Russo and Cornette have been trade insults for decades now, though things escalated recently when Cornette claimed that Russo writes Vince McMahon each week vagrant for a job. Russo seemed on a Wrestling Inc. podcast and responded to Cornette, as seen in a video above during a 6:00 mark, and pronounced that “Cornette apparently doesn’t have half a brain,” while observant that Cornette has incited down his plea to a discuss with him.

“You know what a humorous thing is and bro anybody with half a mind would know this. Cornette apparently doesn’t have half a brain. Raj, we go on my podcast, OK, and we publicly review my personal emails with Vince McMahon,” Russo said. “I did that on my show. we review his response to me when we did strech out one time and we also, on Konnan’s uncover on Podcast One this week, we review Vince’s response to me when we called him out for a Table for 3 Show. we wrote him an email; we called him out. And he wrote me behind and we review that response.

“If I’m failing and vagrant a WWE for a freaking job, am we unequivocally going to go on my freaking uncover and review Vince McMahon’s personal email,” Vince asked. “I mean, let’s only be judicious bro. Like, is that a approach we would get a pursuit if we was failing and vagrant for a job? It’s so freaking ridiculous.”

Cornette responded with a profanity-laced rant, severe Russo to a fire fight.

“So we wish to make hurdles about going on people’s podcasts and giving a income to gift and all this other stuff, ’cause we know that ain’t gonna occur ’cause we got zero to speak about,” Cornette exclaimed. “But I’m creation we a legitimate offer. we swear on my mother’s grave if we give me a date, a time and an address. we will accommodate we there and we will pierce 5 grand in money as prolonged as a manners are no cops, no guns and no knives. And what happens, happens.”

“And if we don’t f–king take me adult on that, we square of s–t, afterwards close your f—ing d–cklicker from now on,” Cornette said. “‘Cause I’m ill and f—ing fed adult with ya and everybody else is too. You’ve been found out, nobody believes in we anymore. Everybody knows what you’re all about. You’ve stabbed everybody in a behind you’ve ever worked with. You’ve killed guy’s careers with your nonsensical gimmicks. You’ve done a wrestling business a f—ing fun with your f—ing ADD goddamn engagement and you’re Jerry Springer Show equine sh-t. And many of all, you’re a square of f—ing sh-t and we will infer it. Send me a date, a time and a place or close a f— up. F—!”

Russo afterwards issued an “apology” to Cornette, alleging that his feverishness with Cornette comes from WWE and TNA selecting him over Cornette.

“Jim, we apologize. And we apologize for a lot of things,” Russo said.

“First and foremost, we wish to apologize for we floating out your knees when we fell off that skeleton since we are a symbol who didn’t know how to take a bump. we wish to apologize Jim for we putting Smoky Mountain Wrestling out of business. we wish to apologize Jim for we being dismissed from Ring of Honor for a open romantic outburst. we wish to apologize Jim for being dismissed from WWE for assaulting another employee. we wish to apologize Jim since I’m from New York. we wish to apologize Jim since in my whole life we was never fixin’ to do anything. we wish to apologize Jim that we don’t trust a Dukes of Hazard is a existence show.

“I’d like to apologize that we never went on inhabitant radio and dressed like a encampment idiot,” Russo continued. “I wish to apologize that we never asked a wrestler to gnaw on an Alka-Seltzer so it would seem like he’s foaming during a mouth. we wish to apologize that even a good Terry Funk didn’t get over when we had him come out of a box.

“But Jim, maybe a dual many critical things,” Russo said. “I wish to apologize for environment ratings annals during both a WWE and TNA and also lifting a ratings during WCW a whole 9 months that we was there. we unequivocally apologize for that. And final though not least, Jim, from a bottom of my heart, we apologize for both Dixie Carter and Vincent Kennedy McMahon for selecting me over you. Because during a finish of a day, 18 years later, that is what this is all about.

“It sticks in your craw since no matter what we do, no matter what we say, no matter what inane promo we cut, it does not go away. From a artistic standpoint, a numbers clearly foreordain we was improved than you,” Russo determined. “And we know that is tough for we to accept and we know that is tough for we to understanding with so that is because from a bottom of my heart, we apologize, we am sorry, and we wish from this indicate on we can pierce forward.”

Cornette posted this print of a sequence or protection:

Bischoff and Prichard responded to a sequence of insurance from Russo, as seen below:

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