Vikas Khanna gears adult for new uncover ‘Coastal Curries’


In a new deteriorate of Twist of Taste, luminary prepare Vikas Khanna discovers something some-more to seafood. In a new deteriorate of Twist of Taste, luminary prepare Vikas Khanna discovers something some-more to seafood.
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Fishing  nets and coconut trees, charming people and superb tales, fantastic spices and multi-dimensional cuisines. Celebrity prepare Vikas Khanna has been savouring each bit of this appetising coastal cocktail in deteriorate 3 of Twist of Taste on Fox Traveller. In a latest edition, he is gung ho on exploring dishes over a common fare. “I privately adore to work on shows that revolve around well-defined themes, like in this case, a coastal curries. Themes, according to me, reason a stronger correlation value,” says Vikas Khanna.

For a show, Vikas Khanna visits a many places along a seashore — sandy beaches of Udvada, Ratnagiri, Goa, Mangalore, Udupi, Manipal, Kochi and Pondicherry — where he meets and greets internal people, shares their muck and afterwards comes behind to his kitchen and cooks adult his chronicle with a twist. Home cooks, chefs, farmers, fishermen, bakers, merchants, restaurateurs and chocolatiers share not usually their food with him, though display him to their traditions and a story of their life. “These riveting accounts, secrets behind undying recipes, small anecdotes…all this inspires me to cook, and in a way, compensate their plate my reverence by giving it my possess signature twist,” says Khanna. He’s practical his ‘twist technique’ while cooking adult signature dishes of Caramelised Cucumber Cake to Shrimp Poha Biryani to Udupi Sambar Jar Cakes. Even normal delicacies like ghee roast, steep roast, dry prawn curries, and puran poli have been revamped.

But it’s not usually turn and mix. Vikas Khanna has a despotic order while experimenting — “that a plate stays simple. Too most alloy usually leads to confusion, and a thought here is to bond with a auntyjis and mummyjis. we like to toss dishes that even my mom can replicate simply in a kitchen. This is my assembly bottom —they have done me what I’m currently — and we can’t divide them,” he says. The aim is also to motivate younger era to balance in. “I trust in aspirational cooking, one that inspires we to indulge too, and not usually presenting dal makhani on inhabitant television,” he adds.

His character of easy review as he goes looking for and afterwards recreating a grub, adds a good hold to a show. He likes to share his travels with a assembly — either it is a tour to Kerala in hunt of a kingfish or to Kochi pier where he savoured a best fish held and baked in what he calls “the best open grill he’s been to nearby a sea”, or to his alma mater, in Manipal, a Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, where he unsuccessful in a second year and was after celebrated with a lifetime feat award.

His favourite part in a array is a one where he meets a lady who creates a best poha and sells packets of it daily. “We all know poha is flattened rice, though we was extraordinary to know how she does it. we wanted to know a technique, and was shamed when we saw her pulsation a rice with her hands. It was such a heart warming episode,” says Khanna, who afterwards returned to his kitchen and done a shrimp biryani of poha. He’s so taken in with a overwhelming coastal landscape and foodscape that Khanna has motionless to come out with a cookbook on coastal curries and cuisine. In a meantime, Khanna will be furloughed with dual of his latest books, Return to a Rivers and Bliss of Spices in Feb and March.