Vidya Balan’s birthday to be a personal affair

Happy birthday vidya balan Happy birthday vidya balan Tumhari Sulu actor, Vidya Balan will applaud her 39th birthday on Janaury 1.

Vidya Balan will be branch a year comparison on Jan 1 and a actor like always skeleton to ring in her birthday with her family. The actor, who is uninformed out of a success of her film Tumhari Sulu, however, skeleton to do something opposite this time.

“My birthday has always been really simple. It has always been a family affair. When we was single, we used to arise adult my relatives during 12 am and ask them to wish me. All my birthdays have been with them” Vidya told PTI.

She serve said, “Now that we am married, we applaud it with Siddharth (Roy Kapur) and accommodate my relatives over lunch. This year we am meditative we should do something.”

The actor is now enjoying her time off with her dear ones and skeleton to pointer a new plan subsequent year. “I am celebrating a success of Tumhari Sulu and will pointer something usually subsequent year. we don’t like switching from one plan to another. we cite to collect stories that seductiveness me and characters that offer me a good range as a performer,” she said.

Vidya Balan has recently won Best Actor (Female) endowment for her opening in Tumhari Sulu. Talking about it Vidya said, “Awards matter to me. And we have always been joking about it that ‘if we win, awards do matter to you’. we adore when people conclude my tough work and dedication. With Tumhari Sulu a appreciation we am removing matters more. Recognition and acknowledge is always special for me.”

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