Vidya Balan turns down film formed on Meena Kumari

vidya balan rejects film formed on meena kumarividya balan rejects film formed on meena kumari Vidya Balan is high on Tumhari Sulu’s success. 

Wanting to continue her mangle from heavy-duty roles, actor Vidya Balan, who is roving high on Tumhari Sulu’s success, has deserted a book formed on maestro actor Meena Kumari’s life, claims writer-director Karan Razdan.

Razdan, who is famous for penning Ajay Devgn’s Deewane (2000) and Diljale (1995), narrated a film to Vidya though a actor incited down it, observant she wants to non-serious roles right now. Talking to, Razdan said, “I narrated her something though during a impulse she is wanting to do something that’s non-serious. She has had too many of critical stuff. We spoke during length. Maybe tomorrow, we might have that kind of a book for her. But during a moment, we wanted her to play a purpose of an singer of a 1960s. The film dealt with alcoholism and tragedy.”

When asked if a purpose is desirous from any real-life personality, Razdan replied, “Partially yes. The impulse was a real-life personality, though afterwards (I) fictionalised. It is desirous from Meena Kumari.” The filmmaker pronounced he also narrated a book to actor Madhuri Dixit Nene though things didn’t work out. According to Razdan, a usually actor, who showed eagerness to work on a plan was Sunny Leone.

“I consider a usually one, who is bold adequate and pronounced to me, ‘When can we start this film?’, has been Sunny Leone. It scares… It didn’t shock Vidya for sure. In fact, she believes she was Meena Kumar in past life. But a indicate is that it would need courage. we have narrated it to Madhuri though it didn’t work out for one reason or a other. Sunny came along, she pronounced she had listened about this film and wanted me to recount it. we met her during her house, had a prolonged narration. we don’t know… She is not a ideal choice, we would say. But she was a many eager (about doing a role). we guess, she also saw this as her large chance.”

The communication with Razdan came days forward of a launch of his latest novel, The Secret Law of Blessing. The executive has come adult with his second self-help book, that has been published by Story Mirror. Razdan pronounced that a undo that he felt with a outward universe was one of a reasons he began penning down a book.


“I felt compelled. we felt a undo with this unjust, nervous world. we have been chanting given 2004. Somewhere, within a alertness rises and a kind of books that we read… we was reading Paramahansa Yogananda, we have been listening to Osho for some time now. So, whatever that came to me we took records of it, if we felt that came from low within. That’s how a book came to be. At one indicate we do take a unwavering preference that this will be a book. This was 5 years ago,” he said.

The Secret Law of Blessing strike a book shelves progressing this week. An central launch is approaching to take place in entrance days.

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