US investigates 14 new Zika sex cases

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The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has pronounced it is questioning 14 new reports of probable passionate delivery of a Zika virus.

The cases embody several involving profound women, a CDC said.

The open health physique done a explanation as it published new superintendence on passionate delivery of a virus.

The superintendence has been released in response to acknowledgment of a initial box of Zika in a non-traveller in a continental United States.

That box was related to passionate hit with an putrescent partner.

The CDC is advising all group who have trafficked to an area active with a Zika pathogen to use condoms or refrain from sex for a length of a pregnancy.

There is no justification nonetheless that women can broadcast Zika pathogen to their sex partners, though some-more investigate is indispensable to know this issue, a health physique said.

Scientists final week pronounced a investigate involving profound women in Brazil “strengthened” a speculation that Zika is related to a microcephaly birth defects in babies.

The forsake can means babies to be innate with abnormally tiny heads and impact their cognitive development.

The investigate reliable a participation of Zika pathogen in a amniotic liquid of dual women who had had Zika-like symptoms during their pregnancies.

Brazilian experts contend this suggests a pathogen can taint a foetus.

The primary process of infection of a pathogen stays butterfly bites. Experts contend women who are profound should try to equivocate a insects.

On Tuesday, Margaret Chan, a conduct of a World Health Organization, pronounced a universe faced “a prolonged journey” to better Zika.

Speaking in Brazil, where many cases have been recorded, she pronounced it was a “very tricky, really tenacious, really difficult” virus.

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