Unexpected turn in ‘Shawshank Fugitive’ case

Ohio Fugitive Granted Parole After Spending Over 50 Years on a Run

An Ohio male who spent over 50 years on a run after evading from jail has been postulated parole.

Frank Freshwaters gathering into and killed Eugene Flynt in 1957 and was convicted of second-degree manslaughter. He transient from an Ohio jail plantation in 1959 and lived underneath an insincere name for 56 years.

Freshwaters was arrested once in 1975 in West Virginia, though officials refused to extradite him to Ohio and he was released. In 2015, authorities eventually held adult with Freshwaters again in Florida, where he was going by William Cox.

Ohio’s release house concluded to giveaway Freshwaters formed on his purify record while on a lam. His release starts Apr 24, and he’s endorsed to be expelled in West Virginia.

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