‘Undercover Grandpa’: Film Review

James Caan plays a pretension purpose in this family-geared action-comedy also featuring Lou Gossett Jr., Paul Sorvino and Jessica Walter.

There certainly has to be a improved retirement appropriation devise for aging actors than a likes of Erik Canuel’s Undercover Grandpa, an action-comedy that, like Bad Grandpa, gives grandparents a bad name. Starring James Caan — we competence remember him from cinema like The Godfather, Rollerball and Misery — and such excellent ancillary players as Oscar leader Lou Gossett Jr., Paul Sorvino and Jessica Walter, a film is a arrange of cinematic dreck that seems to consider it deserves to be graded on a bend since it’s geared toward families.

Although a maestro Caan is top-billed, a film’s genuine star is Dylan Everett, who plays Jake, an ungainly 17-year-old (is there any other kind?) who finally musters adult a bravery to ask out his dream girl, Angie (Greta Onieogou). Much to Jake’s annoyance, their date becomes behind by his mother’s insistence that he initial attend a family cooking with his grandfather Lou on one of a bimonthly occasions that a aged codger leaves his nursing home.

During dinner, Jake exasperatedly puts adult with his foolish grandfather’s high tales and fight stories, including how he befriended Col. Sanders (then a private) and invented a recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Claiming to be a former troops comprehension officer, Lou doesn’t seem to mind that nothing of his family members seem to trust him.

But Jake becomes assured when Angie winds adult missing, a outcome of a puzzling kidnapping, and Lou springs into movement to find and rescue her. This leads to a reunion with Madeline (Walter), a former co-worker and clearly many more, who now heads a top-secret view organization. “You always favourite to be on top,” Lou saucily says to his former paramour.

In a march of a indirect journey in that Lou grapples with a array of B-movie bad guys, he rounds adult his former team, a arrange of geezer’s unwashed half-dozen, played by a likes of Sorvino, Gossett, Lawrence Dane and maestro Canadian impression actor Kenneth Welsh, a latter channeling Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown in his manic spin as a wild-haired insane scientist.

Neither remotely stirring nor funny, a film fundamentally spins a vapid wheels for many of a using time, apparently assured that a small participation of a renowned expel provides sufficient entertainment. To be fair, there are times, however brief, that it does: Caan, to his credit, never appears to be going by a motions, nonetheless he contingency be ruing a series of ex-wives he’s accumulated; Walter, as always, is a spicy delight; and Sorvino and Gossett during slightest don’t even try to fake that they’re doing their possess stunts. Undercover Grandpa isn’t any fun, though a list review contingency have been a hoot.   

Production companies: CCI Entertainment, Corus Entertainment
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment
Cast: James Caan, Dylan Everett, Lou Gossett Jr., Kenneth Welsh, Paul Sorvino, Jessica Walter, Lawrence Dane, Greta Oneiogo
Director: Erik Canuel
Screenwriter: Jeffrey Alan Schechter
Producers: Ronald J. Gilbert, Arnie Zipursky
Executive producers: Jeff Sackman, Arnie Zipursky
Director of photography: Pierre Gill
Production designer: Rocco Matteo
Editor: Jean-Francois Bergeron
Costume designer: Diana Irwin
Casting: Stephanie Gorin, Rich Mento

Rated PG-13, 99 minutes

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