Twitter to enhance 280-character tweets

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Twitter skeleton to boost a series of characters in tweets from 140 to 280 for a infancy of users.

The new extent will not request to tweets created in Japanese, Chinese and Korean that can communicate some-more information in a singular character.

The pierce follows a hearing among a tiny organisation of users that started in Sep in response to critique that it was not easy adequate to tweet.

The change is partial of Twitter’s devise to attract new users and boost growth.

Twitter brevity

During a test, usually 5% of tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and usually 2% some-more than 190, a amicable media site pronounced in a blog post.

But those who did use a longer tweets, got some-more followers, some-more rendezvous and spent some-more time on a site, it added.

“During a initial few days of a test, many people tweeted a full 280 extent since it was new and novel, though shortly after poise normalised,” wrote Aliza Rosen, Twitter’s product manager.

“We saw when people indispensable to use some-more than 140 characters, they tweeted some-more simply and some-more often. But importantly, people tweeted next 140 many of a time and a abruptness of Twitter remained.”

According to Twitter, 9% of tweets in English strike a impression limits.

“This reflects a plea of wise a suspicion into a tweet, mostly ensuing in lots of time spent modifying and even during times abandoning tweets before sending,” Ms Rosen said.

Increasing a impression extent should not impact people’s knowledge on a site, she added.

“We – and many of we – were endangered that timelines might fill adult with 280-character tweets, and people with a new extent would always use adult a whole space. But that didn’t happen.”

When a change was announced, many criticised it, indicating out changes they would rather see, such as a crackdown on hatred crime and bots, and a introduction of a sequential timeline and revise function.

The site now has 330 million active users. This compares with 800 million for Instagram and some-more than 2 billion users for Facebook.