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Barack Obama has lived a many pure existence of any boss we’ve ever had. He’s had to with all a scrutiny, including extremist investigations into his hearth and religion.

So what can a new autobiography exhibit about a former POTUS? Barack’s initial lady — and no, we don’t meant Michelle Obama!

In his new book Rising Star: The Making Of Barack Obama, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer David J. Garrow found an ex-girlfriend Obama fundamentally wanting from his possess account, Dreams From My Father (she and dual other exes were total into a singular impression for a consequence of brevity).

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But apparently this attribute was a VERY large understanding during a time as Barack even reportedly asked her to marry him!

Sheila Miyoshi Jager is stirring about her attribute with a destiny Prez in her talk with a author, recounting their time vital together in Chicago, assembly one another’s parents, and even their critical matrimony talks.

In fact, Sheila says she usually declined his initial offer since her mom suspicion she was still too immature during only 23 years old.

But a attribute finished for other reasons; a couple’s rain seemed to together Barack’s domestic rise:

[Image around Oberlin/CBS.]