Twins on a Way for Shaun T and Husband Scott: ‘Our Journey Has Been Emotionally Draining’

Shaun T is bringing new definition to a tenure “dad bod!”

The celebrity aptness expert and his father Scott Blokker are awaiting twins around surrogate, he confirms to PEOPLE, pity an proclamation on amicable media featuring a poem with peep cards to brief a beans to his followers.

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“Some things come easy, something take time,” a cards began. “Struggles can be real, though with them you’ll find. Things occur for a reason. Sometimes we never know why. But never give adult and remember it’s OK to cry. 5 years of challenges, 5 years of wait. Ups, downs in emotion, unpleasant blows we’d take. But we schooled to stay a course, wish and request wins. And we’re happy to finally announce…. we’re carrying twins!”

The final exhibit enclosed a integrate subsequent to a profound surrogate.

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“I wanted to tell people a prolonged time ago given we like to live in a tension of a excitement, though given a tour has been so long, hard and emotionally draining, Scott wanted to wait to strengthen me from a probability of another let down,” he explains to PEOPLE of a events heading adult to a announcement.

“I motionless that we wouldn’t pull a emanate and wait for Scott to confirm when it was time for us,” Shaun T adds. “So he came home one day and said, ‘I consider I’m prepared to tell a fans.’ we was super vehement and relieved. We adore simple though effective and romantic announcements, and so a poem with peep cards was a ideal plan.”

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Home is where a heart is Love grows and grows and grows You come during tumble to a residence We have secrets, complacency and Scarecrows

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The integrate distinguished their fifth marriage anniversary on Thursday — and when it comes to their children on a way, Shaun T says another date this year was intensely special.

“We found out on my birthday, May 2,” he tells PEOPLE. “I knew we would get a result, though given we have been on a drum coaster before, we usually pronounced to myself, ‘It’s gonna be a good day or a larger day.’ We were on a tennis justice too!”

“We knew a pregnancy formula would be entrance mid-morning, so we wanted to usually try to fake like it was any other normal day, given we had been by this day 11 times before,” recalls Shaun T, 39. “We got a content in a center of a practice, called a broker and were told a beyond-incredible news.”

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The aptness tutor and author of T Is for Transformation tells PEOPLE that he and Blokker were so vehement to tell their fans — whom they knew would be “ecstatic” about a news.

“We were drifting home from a work outing articulate about when and how we would announce it,” says Shaun T, observant that a couple’s broker will be 28 weeks profound on Monday.

“We wanted to keep it elementary [and] fun though also speak about how onslaught is real, and if we keep your concentration and never give up, your dreams will come true,” he insists. “Our tour to have a family is a hint of that.”