TV Ratings: Colbert and Fallon Race Tightens

The late-night ratings conflict between Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon unequivocally tightened during a CBS host’s 13th uninterrupted win over once-dominant Tonight — and, even some-more curious, NBC’s demo lead grew to a biggest given January.

For a week of Apr 24, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert averaged 2.74 million viewers. That’s a small 2 percent (just 67,000 viewers) above Tonight, creation for Colbert’s narrowest domain of feat given his strain kicked off in January. The opening between Colbert has fluctuated severely given then, with Colbert once averaging as many as 400,000 some-more viewers than Fallon, though it’s frequency been scarcely this tight.

Simultaneously, Fallon’s latest week saw his biggest feat among adults 18-49 given a start of Colbert’s assembly strain — one that not-so-coincidentally started with a coronation of President Donald Trump. Fallon outperformed Colbert by a whopping 50 percent, averaging a 0.66 rating in a pivotal demo to Colbert’s 0.44 rating. The final time Fallon had that most of an advantage was during a tip of a year.

But all of Colbert’s weekly assembly wins have unequivocally tightened a opening for a season. For a 2016-17 promote season, Fallon is now usually outpacing Colbert by an normal 63,000 viewers. Closing that opening altogether would be a manoeuvre for Colbert in his second year during CBS — and while it’s not impossible, it is unlikely.

This all comes as No. 3 Jimmy Kimmel looks forward to what’s typically his best month of a year. A lead-in from a annual NBA Finals, scheduled to start Jun 1, generally rises a ABC horde atop both of his rivals.

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