Tumhari Sulu suit poster: Vidya Balan proves each housewife is a superhero

vidya balan, tumhari sulu, tumhari sulu poster, tumhari sulu teaservidya balan, tumhari sulu, tumhari sulu poster, tumhari sulu teaser Tumhari Sulu suit poster: Vidya Balan is personification a housewife incited RJ in a film.

Vidya Balan is famous for portraying roles that are normal nonetheless there is something singular about them. ‘Tumhari Sulu’, Vidya’s subsequent project, is also on identical lines. The makers of a film common a initial suit print in that Vidya can be seen donning a demeanour of a homemaker, who also seems to be a superhero. It seems as if a actor is perplexing to put conflicting a summary that a lady who is a housewife is zero reduction than a superhero as she has a capability to do anything and everything.

What we also notice about a print is a vigour cooker. Now, this vigour cooker is nonetheless another embellishment used to support Vidya’s impression in ‘Tumhari Sulu’. It symbolises dual simple things – how a lady can hoop all arrange of pressures and second, how it’s a arms that has a energy to beam a whole family. Imagine, what if one day we don’t eat food? It seems that Vidya is nonetheless again bringing a story that we have been witnessing though have mostly ignored.

In ‘Tumhari Sulu’, a actor is, reportedly, personification a radio jockey. If we remember, Vidya has donned a impression of a RJ behind in ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai,’ in that she starred conflicting Sanjay Dutt. There were reports that she will be personification a night radio jockey, maybe that’s a reason because a film is patrician ‘Tumhari Sulu’. However, not most has been suggested nonetheless about Vidya’s role.

Apart from Vidya, a film stars Manav Kaul, who will be personification Vidya’s husband. The film introduces Mumbai’s famous RJ Malishka, and Neha Dhupia would be personification Vidya’s boss. The film is destined by Suresh Triveni.

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