Trump’s help lambasts US media as ‘opposition party’

Stephen Bannon. Photo: 1 Dec 2016Image copyright

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Stephen Bannon pronounced America’s mainstream media outlets “don’t know this country”

President Donald Trump’s arch strategist has described US mainstream media as “the antithesis party”, observant it should “keep a mouth shut”.

Stephen Bannon also told a New York Times that news organisations had been “humiliated” by their disaster to expect Mr Trump’s choosing victory.

Media outlets have clashed with a White House over a series of people attending Mr Trump’s inauguration.

They have also questioned his explain about millions of bootleg ballots.

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In a write talk with a newspaper, Mr Bannon pronounced that “the media should be broke and flustered and keep a mouth close and only listen for a while”.

“The media here is a antithesis party,” he pronounced and after combined “not a Democratic party”.

Mr Bannon also argued that news outlets “don’t know this country”.

“They still do not know because Donald Trump is a boss of a United States.”

During a talk he was mostly referring to a “mainstream” or “elite” media, however he privately mentioned a The New York Times and The Washington Post.

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He spoke in blunt though ease tones, peppered with a sip of profanities, The New York Times said.

Mr Bannon had been in assign of worried Breitbart News website until August, after apropos a debate CEO for Donald Trump in a final debate months before a Nov election.