Trump Tower fire: Man dies in fire during New York property

Media captionTrump Tower fire: ‘You got to get out’

One masculine has died and 4 firefighters have been harmed in a glow during Trump Tower in New York.

The plant was a masculine proprietor of a building who died after being taken to hospital, glow officials said.

US President Donald Trump has a home and an bureau in a building. But Mr Trump, First Lady Melania and their son Barron are now in Washington DC.

The glow erupted on a 50th building of a high-rise, that contains apartments and bureau space.

The means of a glow has not nonetheless been released.

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Twitter post by @FDNY: #FDNY members sojourn on stage of a 4-alarm fire, 721 5th Ave in Manhattan. There is now one vicious damage to a municipal reported. (Photo credit  @nycoem) Image Copyright @FDNY

Thick black fume and glow was seen entrance from a skyscraper during around 18:00 (2200 GMT).

Around 45 mins after – before news of a genocide emerged – a boss tweeted that a glow was out. He pronounced it had been “very confined” as a building is a “well-built building”.

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Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump: Fire during Trump Tower is out. Very cramped (well built building). Firemen (and women) did a good job. THANK YOU!Image Copyright @realDonaldTrump

Shortly thereafter a Commissioner of a New York City Fire Department, Daniel Nigro, warned that a conditions was “still not deliberate to be underneath control” due to “a substantial volume of smoke” in a building.

“We found glow on a 50th building of a building. The unit was wholly on fire. Members pushed in heroically, they were knocking down a glow and found one passenger of a unit who is in vicious condition,” a glow use quoted him as saying.

“This was a really formidable fire. As we can imagine, a unit is utterly large, we are 50 storeys up.

“We had many floors to search, and stairways.”

He pronounced that a unit had no sprinklers. Owners of comparison residential high-rises such as Trump Tower are not compulsory to implement sprinklers unless a building undergoes vital renovation, according to a Associated Press.

Streets surrounding a building in Midtown Manhattan were sealed off during a fire. Some 200 glow crew responded to a incident, that a glow dialect tweeted had been brought underneath control.

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The building contains offices and apartments