Trump mocked for joining games to violence

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“Video diversion assault and deification contingency be stopped – it is formulating monsters!”

Six years after Donald Trump tweeted his views on video diversion violence, it seems he is looking to take action.

In a White House lecture following a Florida propagandize shooting, when press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about a president’s process on gun control she pronounced Donald Trump will “be assembly with members of a video diversion attention to see what they can do on that front”.

Ms Sanders response has been widely discussed on amicable media, with some criticising a president for indicating a finger during illusory guns, rather than tangible firearms.

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Some people wondered if they had inadvertently stumbled into a past, as a attribute between video games and aroused poise has prolonged been debated in a media.

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One chairman asked because a White House was deliberating video games, observant that Trump “has copiousness of ideas for finale mass shootings, solely gun control”.

While artist and executive Rob Sheridan, famous for his work with song organisation Nine Inch Nails, wondered if diversion attention executives competence advise identical measures.

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This was followed by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane indicating out that “other countries though America’s gun problem also have video games”.

And one chairman attempted to find a humorous side of things, re-writing Australia’s 1996 gun ban for comic effect.

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But some people praised Trump for holding action, with one chairman saying a boss is “doing some-more and enchanting some-more than Obama did”, and another applauding Trump for addressing a “surrounding issues” of guns.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have begun to doubt accurately who it is that Donald Trump intends on meeting.

Video diversion publisher Jason Schreier tweeted that a Entertainment Software Association, whose members include many of a largest diversion publishers in a United States, says conjunction a ESA nor a members have been invited to a meeting.

And if a assembly does happen, one chairman wondered how a assembly could go forward though causing contention.

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