Too Sweet! Mark Zuckerberg Snuggles with Daughter Aug in New Snap: ‘Baby Cuddles Are the Best’

Mark Zuckerberg has used his famous social-media height to share another honeyed print of his second daughter, August.

The Facebook titan posted a snap of himself gazing tenderly during his baby baby girl, while Aug — whose palm is stretched toward him — looks sweetly adult during her father.

“Baby cuddles are a best,” Zuckerberg wrote for a caption.

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The tech noble announced a attainment of his second child with his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, on Aug. 28 around a new family print along with a minute Zuckerberg wrote for Aug —  a tradition combined with a birth of a couple’s comparison daughter Maxima “Max”, now 21 months.

In a post — that perceived over 2 million likes —  Zuckerberg welcomed Aug to a world, writing, “Your mom and we are so vehement to see who we will become.”

The new father of dual pronounced he wanted to “talk about childhood,” explaining, “The universe can be a critical place. That’s because it’s critical to make time to go outward and play.”

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Ahead of August’s arrival, Zuckerberg spoke with People en Español about his enterprise to enhance communication between people—a passion he says was strengthened by suggestive he was going to be a father to dual girls.

“For a few months during a pregnancy we only had a lot of time to consider about a universe that she was going to grow up in and there are all these dreams that we had long-term,” Zuckerberg said from his potion discussion room during a amicable networking domicile in Menlo Park, California.

Chan — who met Zuckerberg at Harvard University — now heads his foundation, that aims to foster equivalence in areas such as health, education, systematic investigate and energy.

“We wish to assistance in creation a preparation complement better, or urge health,” Zuckerberg told People en Español. “We always only noticed these as long-term goals, though if we wish your children to see a benefits of that, afterwards it’s like, ‘Okay good we improved get on that.’ She’s going to go to propagandize in 4 or 5 years right? So we have to.”

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Facebook’s new mission — “Bring a universe closer together” — is what Zuckerberg is focusing on right now. With some-more than 2 billion users, a CEO pronounced his new aim is to have them connected by Facebook communities, online and offline.

“It’s tough to have a village be a suggestive partial of your support structure if you’re not also joining in a genuine world,” he explained. “We’re going to keep focusing on giving everybody a voice and assisting them stay connected to their friends and family though bargain that now we need to do some-more to help.”